Steers and bulls selling to £980 at Lisnaskea

A seasonal entry on offer at Lisnaskea Livestock Sales on Tuesday 30th November sold to a steady demand for all sorts.

This week mostly weanlings on offer with steers and bulls selling to £980 for a 455kg Simmental with a 355kg Charolais to £820 and a 275kg Charolais to £685. Weanling heifers sold to £770 for a 480 Hereford with a 330kg Charolais to £750 and a 250kg Charolais to £660.

Sample prices as follows:

Weanling steers and bulls

Lisnaskea producer 455kg Simmental to £980, 440kg Simmental to £960, 420kg Simmental to £850, and 400kg Simmental to £785. Enniskillen producer 355kg Charolais to £820, 345kg Limousin to £765, 325kg Limousin to £765, 330kg Limousin to £750, 325kg Limousin to £750, 360kg Charolais to £745 and 275kg Charolais to £685. Tempo producer 400kg Limousin to £745. Derrylin producer 310kg Limousin to £715 and 320kg Simmental to £690. Kinawley producer 330kg Charolais to £680 and 310kg Hereford to £525. Florencecourt producer 275kg Limousin to £650. Newtownbutler producer 215kg Charolais to £460.

Weanling heifers

Tempo producer 480kg Hereford to £770 and 450kg Hereford to £705. Enniskillen producer 330kg Charolais to £750 and 275kg Charolais to £625. Newtwonbutler producer 250kg Charolais to £660 and 290kg Simmental to £485. Newtownbutler producer 380kg Charolais to £680 and 320kg Limousin to £565. Florencecourt producer 285kg Limousin to £660.

Lots more stock required weekly to supply a growing demand.