Steers sell to £1,900 at Armoy

A smaller show of cattle on Monday at Armoy with just under 100 head met with a very sharp trade and a 100% clearance,

By Ruth Rodgers
Tuesday, 21st June 2022, 4:01 pm

Steers sold to £1,900 paid for an 800kgs Steers from Messrs SJ & DJ Currie, Mosside, Heifers sold to £1,580 for a 620kgs Char Heifer from Mr Sandy O’Neill, Glenarm. The same vendor topped the Fat Cow prices with a 700kgs Saler Cow at £1,540.


STEERS: SJ & DJ Currie, Mosside, Lim, 800kgs £1,900, 700kgs £1,600. Robt Currie, Ballymoney, Lim, 670kgs £1,570, 670kgs £1,540, 660kgs £1,520, 590kgs £1,340. Malachy Kelly, Ballycastle, Lim, 490kgs £1,240, 500kgs £1,310, 540kgs £1,240. Brian McAllister, Ballymoney, S/H, 470kgs £1,130. Desmond Kelly, Ballycastle, Lim, 500kgs £1,360, 610kgs £1,480, 500kgs £1,080. H Nicholl, Portglenone, Fres, 580kgs £1,150, 490kgs £930. Brian McAlister, Ballymoney, Lim, 530kgs £1,120. Ian Townley, Limavady, 3 Fres Bulls, 390kgs £690. Nigel Jamison, Ballycastle, Lim, 450kgs £1,020, 250kgs £540. D Walsh, Londonderry, Fres, 560kgs £1,070, 600kgs £1,110, 570kgs £1,100.

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Armoy Mart

HEIFERS: Alexander O’Neill, Glenarm, Char, 620kgs £1,580, 560kgs £1,400. Stephen O’Rawe, Ballyvoy, Sim, 470kgs £1,080. Wm McLaughlin, Dunloy, Char, 370kgs £880. Geo Kerr, Ahoghill, A/A, 500kgs £1,110, 520kgs £1,120, 480kgs £1,040. Marcus Adams, Cloughmills, Lim, 320kgs £750. Stranocum Farmer, B/B, 490kgs £1,180. S O’Rawe, Ballycastle, A/A, 450kgs £940, 480kgs £1,000, 500kgs £1,02, 440kgs £910, 430kgs £940. W McLaughlin, Dunloy, Char, 400kgs £880, 360kgs £750. H Nicholl, Portglenone, HER, 440kgs £930, 440kgs £890. B McAllister, Ballymoney, Lim, 530kgs £1,120, 480kgs £980.

FAT COWS: Alexander O’Neill, 700kgs SALER, £1,540. C Battersby, Bushmills, Char, 600kgs £1,000, 670kgs £1,030. V & C Butler, Ballyvoy, Lim, 560kgs £1,060. D Walsh, Londonderry, Lim, 580kgs £950. Arthur Hanna, Armoy, Fres, 680kgs £1,070. M Haddock, Ballinderry, Lim, 600kgs £940.

Auctioneers: Armoy Livestock Mart Ltd