Steers selling to £1,880 at Armoy

An excellent show of 200 cattle on Monday night last met with a fine trade for all sorts of cattle.

Steers sold to £1,880 for an 800kgs steer, heifers to £1,650, fat cows topped at £1,600 for a 750kgs Belgian Blue cow.

Leading prices


Armoy Mart

SJ and DJ Currie, Mosside, Limousin, 800kgs £1,880, 805kgs £1,870, 700kgs £1,680. Hugh McLean, Coleraine, Aberdeen Angus, 710kgs £1,570, 680kgs £1,480, 590kgs £1,330. John McNeill, Cushendun, Charolais, 490kgs £1,240, 400kgs £1,040, 420kgs £1,040, 460kgs £1,200, 400kgs £1,000. Wm Jamison, Armoy, Belgian Blue, 640kgs £1,470. Paddy Black, Glenshesk, Aberdeen Angus, 610kgs £1,490, 630kgs £1,460, 540kgs £1,150. Maurice McVicker, Bushmills, Charolais, 360kgs £840, 370kgs £860. Paddy Brown, Ballycastle, Simmental, 640kgs, £1,400. Jas McAuley, Bushmills, Aberdeen Angus, 580kgs £1,220. Jas Chestnutt, Portrush, Aberdeen Angus, 520kgs £1,180, 440kgs £990, 500kgs £1,040, 450kgs £970. Geo Kerr, Ahoghill, Friesian, 570kgs £1,170, 520kgs £1,140, 610kgs £1,160. H McLean, Coleraine, Aberdeen Angus, 570kgs £1,250. WJ and G Henry, Armoy, Charolais, 450kgs £1,040, 480kgs £1,050, 460kgs £990. Robt McCaughan, Bushmills, Fleckvieh, 620kgs £1,380, 550kgs £1,210, 490kgs £1,040. Brian McAllister, Dervock, Limousin, 580kgs £1,300, 560kgs £1,120. Donald Gillan, Ballymoney, Aberdeen Angus, 460kgs £1,040, 540kgs £1,100.


S Barkley, Ballymoney, Charolais, 690kgs £1,600. Hugh McLean, Coleraine, Aberdeen Angus, 650kgs £1,350. P Brown, Ballycastle, Charolais, 550kgs £1,290, 580kgs £1,230, 540kgs £1,110. Stephen O’Rawe, Ballyvoy, Aberdeen Angus, 580kgs £1,200. F McBride, Ballycastle, Hereford, 500kgs £1,040, 430kgs £880. M McVicker, Bushmills, Charolais, 300kgs £700. S Mathews, Bushmills, Limousin, 410kgs £810, 440kgs £920. AEJ Devlin, Drumsurn, Limousin, 350kgs £780. O’Kane Bros, Carnlough, Limousin, 420kgs £1,020, 425kgs £1,020.

Fat cows

Hugh McNeill, Cushendun, Belgian Blue, 750kgs £1,600. John McNeill, Cushendun, Charolais, 680kgs £1,560. Donald Gillan, Pharis, Simmental, 700kgs £1,420. S Cochrane, Bushmills, Friesian, 690kgs £1,390, 710kgs £1,380, 700kgs £1,240, 705kgs £1,150. Liam Kinney, Glenariffe, Charolais, 550kgs £1,250. Michael McDonnell, Martinstown, Limousin, 640kgs £1,290. WJ O’Kane, Carnlough, Shorthorn, 600kgs £980.

Sale every monday night at 6.30pm.

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Auctioneers: Armoy Livestock Mart Ltd.