Store bullocks selling to £1460 at Lisahally Mart

A strong cattle trade on Wednesday.

Friday, 11th June 2021, 10:27 am

Prices as follows

Store bullocks

William Devine £1460/660kg, £1230/550kg, £1160/520kg, £920/460kg, Rose Brolly £1420/610kg, Stephen McCay £1230/690kg, £1200/680kg, £1080/620kg, R Moore £1200/660kg, £1190/620kg, £1180/610kg, L Harpur £1180/550kg, £1160/530kg,  Kevin McGee £710/360kg, £680/400kg, £540/360kg and Terence Milligan £480/250kg.

Store heifers

J Feeney £1250/560kg, £1190/610kg, £1000/510kg, £980/510kg, John Young £1120/530kg, £1060/500kg, £900/440kg, £900/390kg, £890/470kg, £890/430kg, £870/420kg,S Dillon £1100/510kg, £1090/470kg,  William Barclay £890/400kg, R and P McLaughlin £630/320kg, Kevin McGee £620/360kg, Terence Milligan £500/250kg, £450/170kg and C Foster £330/110kg.

Cows and calves

Ian Hamilton £1390, £1260 and C Cooke £1210.

Fat cows

Brendan and Ryan Gormley £1619.50/790kg, Terence McCracken £1482/760kg,£1207.50/750kg,Terence Milligan  £846/600kg, J Young £707/580kg and Terence Milligan £566.20/380kg.

A firm trade on Tuesday as fat lambs sell to £131 and fat ewes £150.

Fat lambs

S McCay £131/27kg, £128/22kg, K Walsh £130/25kg,  J Cunningham £127/25kg, T McCracken £126/24kg, H Harvey £126/21kg, J Grant £124/22kg, S Caskie £124/23kg, A Scott £124/22kg, J McClelland £124/23kg, A Olphert £123.50/22kg, R Clarence £123/22kg, W McLenaghan £123/23kg, J Rafferty  £122/21kg, M O’Hara £121, 21kg, M McDonald £120, 21kg, R Christie £115, 20kg, G Storey £115, 20kg, P McNicholl £114.50/20kg, J Whiteside £113/20kg, A Wallace £113/20kg, H Devenney £113/20kg and T Martin £87/18kg.

Fat ewes

W Purcell £150 £138 £127, H Henry £137,  B Johnston £130, R Allison £129, S Caskie £128, D Kelly £127, M McDonald £127, J Lynch £126, £112, M O’Hara £122, A Scott £119, M Doherty £119, J Cunningham £115, £95, G Storey £110, K Walsh £109, D Kelly £107, L Allison £106, D Hawthorne £104, Camnish Farms £100, P McNicholl £99, J Cunningham £95 £86, H Devenney £92, B Johnston £88, R Christie £88,  £78, GT Farms £87, £85, G Storey £84, H Devenney £77 and K Walsh £65.

Ewes and lambs

R McCrea £180.