Store bullocks selling to £1590 at Lisahally

Top quality cattle at Lisahally with store bullocks selling to £1590/700kg.

By Darryl Armitage
Thursday, 9th September 2021, 3:24 pm

Store heifers selling to £1590/700kg and fat cows selling to £1271.90/790kg.

Store bullocks

D Wade £1590/700kg, £1580/670kg, £1550/680kg, £1530/690kg, £1510/670kg, £1460/660kg, £1440/640kg, £1380/630kg, E Christie £1490/650kg, £1400/660kg, R Maxwell £1170/590kg, £1150/600kg, £1090/600kg, £1010/580kg, £950/530kg, £890/50kg, Kelly Farms £1140/580kg, £1090/570kg, £1080/540kg, £1060/540kg, £1020/530kg, £1090/570kg, £1080/540kg, £1060/540kg, £1020/530kg, H Moore £1100/540kg, £1080/560kg, £1080/560kg, S McKeever £1090/530kg, £1000/520kg, £990/530kg, E Bryson £1080/570kg, £1080/570kg, £990/520kg, £890/560kg, £890/510kg, J Lowry £930/470kg, £870/510kg and J Leitch £870/430kg.

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Store heifers

W McKean £1590/700kg, £1520/730kg, £1510/700kg, £1510/ 710kg, £1420/620kg, £1400/620kg, £1340/580kg, £1340/640kg, £1250/600kg, R Quigley £1440/590kg, £1420/590kg, £1270/590kg, J McAleer £1360/610kg, G Logan £1350/630kg, £1260/580kg, £1260/550kg, £1260/570kg, E Christie £1340/620kg, £1160/590kg, H Sayers £1250/500kg, £1240/520kg, £1200/520kg, £1090/510kg, £1060/440kg, £1030/520kg, F McAleer £1240/570kg, £1240/550kg, W Young £1240/580kg, £1220/610kg, £1090/510kg, Quigley £1220/540kg, R Quigley £1160/530kg and L McCartney £1000/500kg.

Fat cows

J Moore £1271.90/790kg, £1243.20/740kg, £1169.20/740kg, £1168/730kg, C Gibson £931.30/670kg, H Sayers £901.70/710kg, T Martin £845/650kg, £719.80/590kg, £712.40/520kg, £695.40/570kg, £660.40/520kg, C Gibson £774.80/520kg, £362.60/490kg and W McKane £729.60/570kg.

An excellent show of sheep at Lisahally with top prices.

Fat lambs selling to £110/29kg, fat ewes selling to £149 and breeding hoggets selling to £166.

Fat lambs

R Clarke £110/29kg, J McWilliams £107.50/24kg, L Gormley £106/26kg, K Johnston £105.50/25kg, R Killen and Sons £104.50/25kg, P O’Neill £104.50/24kg, G Hamilton £104/24kg, £100/25kg, A Fleming £104/24kg, J Connolly £103.50/26kg, R Wilson £103/24kg, M McDonald £102/23kg, J Moore £102/25kg, £101.50/24kg, R Kennedy £102/24kg, A Scott £102/24kg, D Moore £100.50/23kg, A McLaughlin £100/23kg, R Lowry £99.50/24kg, J Dalton £99.50/23kg, R Hamilton £99/24kg, £96/23kg, P Duffy £97/23kg, S O’Neill £96.50/23kg, D Young £96.50/22kg, J Proctor £96/22kg, R Brolly £96/24kg, S Lowry £96/23kg, W Young £95.50/23kg, F McAneney £95.50/23kg, S Robinson £95/22kg, A Duncan £95/21kg, K Bryson £94.50/23kg, R Brolly £94/20kg, S Robinson £94/23kg, H McCollum £94/22kg, S Haslett £93/23kg, M Armstrong £92/21kg, S Porter £91.50/22kg, P O’Doherty £90/20kg and A Scott £88.50/21kg.

Fat ewes

P Kealey £149, £99, £58, M Norriss £134, £73, R Kennedy £130, T Lynch £119, A Scott £117, £110, M Armstrong £113, B Cochrane £104, S Parkhill £99, £84, D Moore £94, M Clerkin £92, S Morrow £90, £64, N McKernan £88, M O Hara £85, £74, £73, Kelly Farms £84, H Morrow £80, F McAneney £78, R Blackburn £76, £76, P Duffy £75, S Moore £74, W Knobbs £73, S McCay £66, M McDonald £65 and S McCay £47.

Breeding hoggets

W Connell £166, £158, £146, G Warnock £166, £162, D Donaghey £164, £164, £160, £154, £144, S Robinson £140, £138, £130, H Reilly £134, M Clerkin £93.50, £80, R Blackburn £90, £83 and C Donaghy £89.