Store bullocks selling to £1600 at Pomeroy

A full yard of stock at Pomeroy with store bullocks selling to £1600/690kg.

By Darryl Armitage
Thursday, 18th November 2021, 12:24 pm

Store heifers £1300/600kg, store bulls £1290/580kg, fat cows selling to £1470 and in calf cows selling to £1510.

Store bullocks

J McCallan £1600/690kg, £1420/640kg, £1370/610kg, B Donnelly £1440/620kg, R Smyth £1420/630kg, £1370/650kg, £1370/630kg, £1300/560kg, £1280/610kg, S Steele £1400/600kg, £1230/580kg, £1220/580kg, £1170/600kg, £1150/600kg, M McGee £1360/640kg, S Kane £1350/660kg, T Lagan £1280/560kg, £1120/470kg, E Steele £1270/630kg, S Patrick £1250/630kg, B Boyle £1240/570kg, £1100/550kg, P Mulgrew £1200/520kg, £1160/510kg, £1150/540kg, £1110/530kg, £1090/510kg, W Jeffers £1170/600kg, P Kelly £1160/560kg and P Trainor £1150/540kg.

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Store heifers

E Burrows £1300/600kg, J McKenna £1300/580kg, £1280/610kg, M McGee £1250/680kg, B Boyle £1200/580kg, £1000/430kg, £930/430kg, S Watt £1120/560kg, B Donnelly £970/500kg, £930/470kg, C McCluskey £940/670kg, K Mitchell £910/500kg and E Cush £900/490kg.

Store bulls

R Smyth £1290/580kg and P Mulgrew £1120/510kg.

Fat cows

Brackenhill Farms £1470, £1180/400kg, £1040/710kg, F Corr £1070/830kg, P Nugent £1000/730kg, S Heekin £960/580kg and E Hagan £960/690kg.

In calf cows

P Monaghan £1510, £1470, £1100 and Gortavoy Farms £1210.