Store bullocks selling to £1690 at Pomeroy Mart

A very strong trade at Pomeroy with store bullocks selling to £1690/780kg, store heifers selling to £1210/610kg, cows and calves selling to £1210 and suckler cows selling to £990.

By Darryl Armitage
Thursday, 12th August 2021, 5:35 pm

Store bullocks

P Hurson £1690/780kg, £1690/770kg, £1480/670kg, I Rainey £1670/650kg, £1650/660kg, £1640/690kg, £1550/650kg, £1500/650kg, £1470/660kg, £1440/580kg, £1320/550kg, S Oliver £1450/590kg, £1400/560kg, £1350/540kg, D Hackett £1400/630kg, £1390/630kg, £1250/620kg, £1180/620kg, M Maguire £1360/550kg, £1240/500kg, £1200/510kg, £1120/460kg, £1100/490kg,  M McCourt £1330/560kg, £1280/590kg, £1210/530kg, £1170/520kg, £1140/540kg, £1070/470kg, B O’Rourke £1290/590kg, £1130/520kg, M McConville £1280/670kg, S Garrivan £1190/520kg and D McManus £1100/510kg, £1040/470kg.

Store heifers

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S Garrivan £1210/610kg, I Swaile £1190/630kg, £1020/560kg, £970/540kg, F McAleer £1150/610kg, £1000/490kg, £950/470kg, £950/510kg, £940/430kg, £900/430kg, £890/480kg, £880/450kg, D McElmurry £1130/500kg, £1120/480kg, £1120/490kg, £1110/490kg, £1040/500kg, S Oliver £1110/490kg, £870/410kg, G Smith £880/430kg, £790/490kg, T Donnelly £870/460kg, £770/430kg, C McNabb £870/450kg, £860/460kg, £790/390kg, £780/410kg, V Emerson £790/310kg, D Kennedy £780/300kg and F Corrigan £780/380kg.

Cows and calves

G Smith £1210

Suckler cows

P Donaghy £990, £920, £920 and £880.