Store bullocks selling to £1790 at Lisahally Mart

A large show of cattle at Lisahally selling to 246ppk.

Store bullocks £1790/730kg, store bulls £1830/810kg, store heifers £1610/710kg, fat cows £1260.60/660kg, fat bulls selling to £1100/470kg and suckler cows and calves £1700.

Store bullocks

G Miller £1790/730kg, £1600/730kg, £1600/700kg, W Miller £1790/760kg, G Logan £1650/720kg, £1470/670kg, £1460/600kg, £1340/620kg, K Cunningham £1540/660kg, £1300/720kg, £1280/630kg, £1260/630kg, H Sayers £1440/620kg, £1420/650kg, £1390/610kg, £1280/530kg, £1280/580kg, £1250/540kg, £1240/560kg, £1220/530kg, £1210/550kg, £990/540kg, Meadowbrook Farm £1260/720kg, £1150/630kg, £1050/640kg, K Cunningham £1120/600kg, L Allison £1100/550kg, £980/470kg, E Bryson £1070/610kg, £990/580kg, £990/580kg, J Lowry £1050/490kg, W McClean £990/520kg and W McNeill £980/520kg.

Store bulls

G Miller £1830/810kg, J Lowry £1090/540kg, Meadowbrook Farm £800/520kg, J Sherrard £470/310kg, £460/310kg, £420/260kg and M McCloskey £290/210kg.

Store heifers

B Lyons £1610/710kg, £1460/650kg, R Loughrey £1080/500kg, £890/470kg, J Young £860/380kg, £800/320kg, R Waugh £820/420kg, £790/410kg, £780/410kg, £740/410kg, R McLaughlin £800/430kg, A McAleer £800/380kg, £790/360kg, £690/340kg, £640/320kg, £600/280kg, M O’Hara £750/370kg, £700/350kg, £580/300kg, M Rodgers £700/290kg, B Jackson £690/360kg, £690/350kg, M Callan £660/320kg, R McLaughlin £650/340kg, £650/410kg, £630/370kg, £630/350kg, A Rodgers £580/300kg, N McFarland £560/310kg, £550/300kg, £510/280kg, £490/300kg, £460/300kg, £430/330kg and A Rodgers £520/270kg.

Fat cows

Hawthorn Heights £1260.60/660kg, £857.60/640kg, £638.40/570kg, H Devenney £1019.20/520kg, J McGuiness £910/650kg, £666.40/560kg, Meadowbrook Farm £891/540kg, H Snodgrass £861/700kg, R Killen £858/650kg, £561.20/610kg, £560.50/590kg, £509.60/520kg, £477/530kg, £470.40/560kg, £397.50/530kg, K Cunningham £772.80/690kg, D McNeely £766.80/540kg, £522/580kg and W Scott £702.10/590kg.

Fat bulls

R Rutledge £1100/470kg and J Feeny £670/480kg.

Suckler cows and calves

D Monteith £1700, £1400, P Downey £1660, £1640, £1620, £1620, £1580, £1580, £1560, £1560, £1520, £1500, £1500, £1480, £1480, £1480, £1460, £1460, £1440, £1440, £1440, £1430, £1400, £1340, £1300, £1200, £1120 and J Snodgrass £1160, £1040.

A strong trade at Lisahally with fat lambs selling to £107.50/25kg.

Store lambs selling to £92/18kg, fat ewes selling to £142 and breeding sheep selling to £200.

Fat lambs

E Quigley £107.50/25kg, £103/22kg, G Hamilton £107/24kg, S Johnston £107/24kg, K Walsh £107/25kg, £97.50/22kg, L Kelly £106.50/25kg, D McClelland £106/24kg, A McLaughlin £106/24kg, C McCrudden £106/23kg, J Proctor £105/24kg, £100.50/22kg, O Kelly £105/25kg, S Young £104.50/23kg, M Blair £104/25kg, P O’Neill £103.50/23kg, M McAneney £102.50/24kg, P Duffy £102/24kg, R Lowry £102/23kg, D Young £101/22kg, M Blair £101/23kg, T McCracken £98.50/21kg, R Hutchinson £98.50/23kg, D Devine £97.50/23kg, £92/21kg, S Dunlop £97/23kg, E Elder £96/22kg, J Sherrard £95.50/21kg, H Devenney £94/22kg, A Houston £94/22kg, W Knobbs £93/21kg and G Begley £93/21kg.

Store lambs

M Hanna £92/18kg, W Knobbs £88/19kg, E Elder £87/20kg, A Houston £83/19kg, G Begley £82/19kg, J McClelland £80/19kg and H Nicholl £77/16kg.

Fat ewes

R McCracken £142, J Whiteside £136, R Lowry £127, G Russell £126, S Johnston £116, J Proctor £94, L Kelly £94, S McCay £88, £75, D McClelland £80, P O’Neill £73, R Rutledge £73, S Young £71, H Devenney £65 and J Proctor £52.

Breeding sheep

J Connell £200, £182, R Quigley £195, £164, £155, £155, A Scott £186, £160, £160, D Donaghey £185, £180, £172, J Moore £174, £170, D Moore £168, £157, £152, W Connell £160, £160, £160, £158, S Todd £156, £142, P Donaghey £155, £145, M Millar £155 and H Reilly £155, £146.

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