Strong trade at Lisahally Mart, store bullocks selling to £1350

A strong trade at Lisahally with store bullocks selling to £1350/630kg.

Store bulls selling to £1040/590kg, cows and calves selling to £990 and fat cows selling to £1152.90/610kg.

Store bullocks

N Thompson £1350/630kg, £190/580kg, H Dickson £1110/530kg, £1100/500kg, £1070/500kg, £990/480kg, £960/450kg, £960/490kg, £930/470kg, £800/460kg, £750/420kg, I Donnell £1110/600kg, £930/530kg, £910/510kg, J Lowry £980/590kg, T Fyffe £970/560kg, £940/560kg, £920/550kg, J Blair £970/490kg, Hume Brothers £900/560kg, £860/530kg, £800/530kg, E Steele £880/510kg, £820/370kg, £820/510kg, £790/430kg, £780/450kg, £750/420kg, £750/400kg, J Sayers £860/510kg, £840/460kg, £820/450kg, £800/440kg, £800/450kg and J Cochrane £770/410kg.

Store bulls

J Lowry £1040/590kg and J O’Hagan £760/460kg.

Store heifers

I Donnell £1000/500kg, A McGuiness £870/480kg, £840/480kg, £790/440kg, J Blair £800/460kg, £770/440kg, I Donnell £790/460kg, £700/420kg, J Cochrane £680/370kg and J O’Hagan £630/370kg, £600/370kg, £580/380kg, £580/320kg, £580/370kg, £580/320kg, £570/330kg, £550/290kg, £550/320kg, £540/350kg, £500/280kg.

Fat cows

J Cochrane £1152.90/610kg, £1044/870kg, D Moore £781/550kg, £735/500kg, J Young £671/610kg and R Killen and Sons £450/600kg, £405/540kg, £364.80/570kg.

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