Suckler cows selling to £2350 for pedigree Limousin bull at Enniskillen

Adverse weather conditions resulted in a smaller entry of 600 cattle which were in very strong demand.

Heavy bullocks sold to 311ppk for 530kg Limousin at £1650 and up to at £1880 per head for a 682kg Belgian Blue.

Light weights sold to 338ppk for a 408kg Charolais at £1380.


Enniskillen Mart
Enniskillen Mart
Enniskillen Mart

Lisnaskea producer 608kg Shorthorn at £1630, 540kg Charolais at £1400, 438kg Charolais at £1310, 510kg Charolais at £1400, 682kg Belgian Blue at £1880, 670kg Charolais at £1680, 598kg Limousin at £1620, 464kg Limousin at £1460; Belcoo producer 570kg Limousin at £1740, 520kg Limousin at £1560, 652kg Charolais at £1580, 606kg Limousin at £1800, 556kg Charolais at £1600; Roscor producer 592kg Charolais 1720, 554kg Charolais at £1670, 568kg Charolais at £1720, 620kg Charolais at £1790, 482kg Charolais at £1500; Derrylin producer 530kg Limousin at £1650, 592kg Limousin at £1790, 532kg Limousin at £1570; Enniskillen producer 532kg Limousin at £1530, 566kg Limousin at £1560, 518kg Belgian Blue at £1430; Fivemiletown producer 504kg Limousin at £1450; Drumwords 560kg Charolais at £1670; Derrygonnelly producer 600kg Aberdeen Angus at £1390, 524kg Aberdeen Angus at £1200, 654kg Charolais at £1870, 666kg Charolais at £1840; Enniskillen producer 504kg Aberdeen Angus at £1300, 502kg Aberdeen Angus at £1300; Castlederg producer 550kg Limousin at £1510, 674kg Limousin at £1780 and Macken producer 488kg Limousin at £1480, 372kg Simmental at £1250.


In the weanling ring bullocks and bulls sold from at £750 to at £1510 paid for a 408kg Charolais.

While heifers ranged from at £650 to at £1280 for a 365kg Limousin.

Ruling prices

Enniskillen producer 290kg Limousin bull at £1040, 330kg Limousin bull at £1090, 365kg Limousin bull at £1100, 248kg Charolais heifer at £790, 390kg Charolais heifer at £1270; Garrison producer 276kg Charolais heifer at £930, 301kg Charolais heifer at £990, 321kg Charolais heifer at £920, 300kg Charolais heifer at £960; Fivemiletown producer 314kg Charolais heifer at £910, 305kg Charolais heifer at £860, 334kg Irish Moile heifer at £880; Derrylin producer 335kg Limousin bull at £1090, 244kg Limousin bull at £750, 260kg Limousin bull at £730, 392kg Charolais heifer at £1070, 281kg Charolais heifer at £870; Enniskillen producer 515kg Charolais steer at £1500, 379kg Charolais steer at £1170, 422kg Charolais steer at £1260, 343kg Charolais steer at £1240, 441kg Charolais steerat £1500, 408kg Charolais steer at £1510; Belleek producer 332kg Charolais heifer at £1090, 369kg Limousin bull at £1090, 364kg Charolais steer at £1120, 342kg Charolais steer at £1150; Newtownbutler producer 459kg Limousin steer at £1500, 547kg Limousin steer at £1520, 426kg Limousin steer at £1240 and Kinawley producer 396kg Limousin heifer at £1100, 345kg Charolais bull at £1080, 262kg Charolais bull at £1080, 287kg Limousin bull at £1070 and Letterbreen producer 232kg Limousin heifer at £760, 259kg Limousin heifer at £780, 247kg Limousin heifer at £750, 324kg Charolais steer at £980, 331kg Charolais steer at £960.


Tempo producer Belgian Blue bull at £400, Aberdeen Angus bull at £325, Belgian Blue bull at £300, Aberdeen Angus heifer at £280; Killadeas producer Belgian Blue bull at £250, Belgian Blue heifer at £180, Belgian Blue heifer at £170 and Derrygonnelly producer Aberdeen Angus bull at £230.


Beef lots sold to 300ppk paid for a 600kg Charolais at £1800.

Medium weights from 230-346ppk paid for 428kg Charolais at £1480.

Light weights from 240- 337ppk paid for a 350kg Charolais at £1150

Tempo producer Charolais 600kg at £1800, Charolais 620kg at £1760

Ballinamallard producer Charolais 624kg at £1760, H 550kg at £1620, Charolais 560kg at £1610, Florencecourt producer Charolais 576kg at £1640; Omagh producer Charolais 600kg at £1660; Belleek producer Charolais 530kg at £1540, 484kg Charolais at £1400; Newtownbutler producer Charolais 550kg at £1540, Charolais 428kg at £1480; Ederney producer Charolais 460kg at £1480; Newtownbutler producer Charolais 550kg at £1590, Charolais 440kg at £1350; Rosslea producer Charolais 550kg at £1590; Letterbreen producer Charolais 430kg at £1400; Enniskillen producer Charolais 416kg at £1250, Charolais 380kg at £1150, Charolais 360kg at £1100 and Monea producer Charolais 350kg at £1150.

Fat cows

Beef cows sold to 275ppk for a 626kg Charolais at £1720 and to a top price of at £1920.

Fat bulls sold to 235ppk for a 850kg Aberdeen Angus at £2000.

Rosslea producer Charolais 860kg at £1920 223ppk and Derrylin producer Charolais 626kg at £1720 275ppk, 700kg Charolais at £1700 243ppk.

Suckler cows

Monea producer Limousin cow with Limousin bull at foot at £1720; Trillick producer Hereford cow with Shorthorn heifer at foot at £1650; Monea producer Charolais cow in calf at £1620, Charolais cow in calf at £1600, pedigree Charolais bull at £2000 and Derrygonnelly producer pedigree Limousin bull at £2350.