Top quality genetics on offer from NI Dexter Cattle Group

With the breeding season well under way on many farms across NI, the NI Dexter Cattle Group would like to remind breeders about the wide range of bulls they have on offer through their AI scheme.

Thursday, 15th July 2021, 8:14 am
Rathnafishogue T Bone
Rathnafishogue T Bone

With increasing popularity of the Dexter breed across NI, a shortage of good quality Dexter bulls has occurred this year, resulting in breeders having to explore other options to get their stock in-calf.

With many farmers wishing to keep their replacements heifers to expand their herds, in order to meet rising demand for Dexter beef, AI can be a suitable option for those who might want to keep their existing bull.

This is where the NI Dexter Cattle Group comes into play, with a great selection of AI Bulls.

Stargate Robin the Hood.

Having built up long lasting relationships with breeders across the UK and ROI, the NI Group and it’s AI Coordinator, Deirdre Hilton have an in-depth knowledge of the bulls and which would be most suitable for a breeder.

The NI Dexter Group’s AI Flask boasts both short and non-short bulls, in both red and black colour variation, including Stargate Robin the Hood, a red bull which produces red, black and the more elusive dun colour variation.

New addition to the flask in 2020 is Rathnafishogue T Bone EX95, who has created a big fuss in the Dexter world.

Boasting one of the highest linear assessments in the Dexter Society he has had straws exported across the UK, ROI and as far away as Denmark. A stylish, beefy bull, with a very different pedigree means T Bone would be an ideal selection for your herd.

For the full range of AI bulls on offer have a look at the NI Dexter Groups website at or contact Deirdre Hilton on 02829540381 for further details.