Trendy Hot Dogs are enjoying a massive resurgence in popularity

We’ve all been enjoying hot dog sausages ever since the 13th century when the German city of Frankfurt created this eponymous treat.

Sunday, 18th July 2021, 10:40 am

Immigrants brought them to America in the nineteenth century where they were loaded into a bun and served with mustard.

The term hot dog comes from accusations at that time that sausage makers would use dog meat in their products. At this time the consumption of dog meat was common in the German regions of Saxony and Bavaria so the suspicion might have been somewhat justified. The name has stuck but the unflattering insinuation has disappeared.

Hot Dogs are enjoying a massive resurgence in popularity and are now deemed trendy in certain circles. There’s a hot dog truck in Iceland that is legendary with hundreds of people queuing daily to try this simple dish. The rich and famous line up alongside tourists and locals for an unadorned sausage save for a bit of mustard.

Like any good food hot dogs are entirely dependent on the ingredients. You need a well crafted, tasty sausage and good bread. We are blessed with excellent butchers and bakers in this country to make the ultimate hot dog. Grill the sausage, put it in a bun and douse it with some mustard – simple.

But for something different my first recipe is for a fish dog. Poached fish is combined with mashed potato and flavourings, breaded, fried and placed in a bun. It’s essentially a sausage shaped fish cake but it’s a bit of fun. Dill pickled cucumbers are the perfect accompaniment for crispy fish and I’ve added a recipe for a quick dill pickled cucumber relish. Chilli Dogs have been around for a long time – the essence of Americana. They’re also the favourite food of the iconic singer, James Taylor, so there must be something special about them. You see these at fashionable food trucks now – a sausage in a bun topped with beef chilli and garnished with cheese, sour cream and herbs. You can go mad with creativity in your chilli dog. You can use different flavoured sausages, top with different pickles, sauces and something crispy on top is always good. When you’re entertaining have all the component ingredients lined up and let everyone make their own. They’re the ultimate party food. They’re also very messy to eat – so preferably enjoy them outside with plenty of napkins to hand.

Today is National Hot Dog Day and the perfect time to enjoy this iconic snack.