UFU advises members to register for Brexit Trade Support Service before November 23

The Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) says members who move goods into and out of Northern Ireland (NI) from Great Britain (GB) or bring goods into NI from outside the UK, must sign up to the Trader Support Service (TSS).

If registration is done before 23 November 2020, this will be an automatic process but if this is done later, a separate application will be required. 

The TSS will guide them through the changes and will provide farm businesses with a business registration number needed to transport goods from 1 January 2021 with the implementation of the NI Protocol.

UFU president Victor Chestnutt said: “The New Year is fast approaching and changes will be put in place from 1 January, affecting the way goods move between GB and NI and also those being brought into NI from outside the UK. 

“Goods can include something as simple as ordering a second-hand tractor part from England or buying a bull from Scotland, purchases that can be very regular for some farmers.  

“It is essential that our members who transport goods across the water or do so on another’s behalf, sign up for the free TSS.

“ It will provide them with a necessary business registration number needed to transport goods, will explain all the changes that come into effect with the implementation of the NI Protocol and the service can complete declarations on your behalf. I urge our farmers to act no

“w to give themselves time to prepare and get their farm businesses ready for the inevitable changes that lie ahead. 

“If they fail to sign up to the TSS, this could cause serious issues for the daily running of their business as they may not be able to move essential goods into NI.”