UFU podcast featuring Land Mobility programme manager

Are you a young agri enthusiast looking to make a career as a farmer but are struggling to access land and need a new farming arrangement?

Or a farmer looking to lighten the workload or step back?In this third episode of the UFU’s podcast Farming 24/7, John McCallister, programme manager of the Land Mobility Scheme, discusses how the initiative came about to create generational renewal in agriculture.

It also supports older farmers to step back at their own pace helping with succession planning, while also availing of their immense knowledge.

John explains: “I don’t want anyone listening to this thinking that ‘we wouldn’t fit into that’ because it has to be specifically one thing or another..there is something to suit everybody, there is no one size fits all, this is as open and flexible as the parties want it to be...”

A wide range of arrangements have been done between farmers since the scheme was first launched over five years ago across all commodities and John’s details are available if you would like to speak to him about Land Mobility without charge.

To conclude: Policy, technical and communications manager James McCluggage provides details on the UFU’s Next Generation Forum.

To listen to the podcast, simply visit Spotify or Amazon Music and search UFU podcast Farming 24/7. Or alternatively, you will find the post/link on the UFU’s social media channels.