URBA Blackface sale proves to be a real hit!

The Ulster Ram Breeders’ Association held their sixth Blackface In Lamb and Dry Ewe Lamb Sale on Monday, 14th February, in Ballymena Livestock Mart,
1,400gns from Danny Kennedy1,400gns from Danny Kennedy
1,400gns from Danny Kennedy

Fifty-five in-lamb ewes sold out of 63, averaging £1081, while three dry ewe lambs sold averaging £788.

This proved to be as popular a sale as ever with buyers coming from all over Northern Ireland and Scotland.

John and Patrick Harkin, Loughash, received the top price 5,800gns for a Lanark gimmer by 26k Elsmscleugh, Sire of Dam: 20k Auldhouseburn, scanned single by Maloney (homebred son of 38k Dalchirla) sold to Cloughfin Blackfaces.

1,600gns from Charlie & Christine Phillips1,600gns from Charlie & Christine Phillips
1,600gns from Charlie & Christine Phillips

Charlie and Cathal Harkin “The Rock” Loughash received 4,000gns for a one crop by a Son of 24k Crossflatt, Sire of Dam: 24k Elmscleugh. She is a full sister to 40k, scanned triplets to Top Secret. Closely followed by a gimmer from Karl O’Mullan. Sire: 5k High Staward, scanned single by 18k Auldhouseburn making 3,200gns.

Paul McEvoy, Kilcoo, headed up the Perth prices of the night receiving 1,600gns for a three crop. Sire: full brother to 8k McEvoy, scanned twins to 6.5k homebred (shared with McAleer and Canny) selling to Ian and Gary Watson, Macosquin, Coleraine.

Mark and Russell Smyth, Coleraine, (Cam Blackface) received 1,500gns for a two crop. Sire: 7.5k Auchnacloich, scanned single by 1k (bought 2021) Sam & Stuart Adams. Following this was a gimmer from Gavin and Willard Watson, Macosquin, Coleraine (Mayfair Blackface) getting 1,100gns, sire 3.5k Haughton, scanned twins to 4k Robinson.

This was the first year that dry ewe lambs were up for sale and proved very successful for Tom Adams and sons, Joe and Archie, selling the top two prices in this section.

1,800gns from The Rock, Loughash1,800gns from The Rock, Loughash
1,800gns from The Rock, Loughash

Receiving 1,000gns for a lamb by 10k Woolfords (Fireman) out of a 500gns Eastmill ewe and 800gns for another ewe lamb by 5k McEvoy out of a 7.5k Auchnacloich (Goose) ewe.

Other leading prices:

2,600gns, 1,800gns, Loughash, P & J Harkin, 2,000gns, 1,600gns, 1,100gns, C & C Phillips, 1,800gns, “The Rock” C & C Harkin, 1,500gns, 1150gns, A McFarlane, 1,400gns, 1050gns, 750gns D Kennedy, 1,050gns T Harkin, 1,000gns S & J Carson, 950gns, 750gns D Harrison, 900gns, 700gns C McAteer, 850gns, 740gns Grant Bros, 780gns, 700gns G Wallace, 750gns P McEvoy, 750gns J McCalmont, 750gns C Carmichael.

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