URBA show and sale to be held at Ballymena

Border Leicester breeder Stephen Wallace farms with his partner Claire McClelland just outside Ballyclare, Co Antrim.

They farm a suckler herd of stabilizer cows and a flock of Border Leicester, Blackface ewes and crossbreds.

He said: “We cross the Blackface ewes with the Border Leicester to produce Greyface lambs and upcoming breeding ewes. I know this combination make great mothers and prime lambs to suit any commercial flock.

My real passion are the Border Leicesters, I grew up alongside the Borders at my uncle Sam Agnew’s Ballynarry flock and that’s where the passion began. I learnt a lot from him and his knowledge as he has been breeding them for many years and still continues to do so.

URBA Border Leicester show and sale on 26th September in Ballymena Livestock Market is sponsored by Alan Carson, ASC Farm Services, Louise Parke, Fane Valley Stores, Carol McMullan, Danske Bank and Thomas Harkin, Thompson Feeding Innovation who the association is gratefully indebted to

“I started my flock Slatehill in 2016 when I bought two ewes from him, the following year I purchased another six ewes and two ewe lambs from Sam and now I have a flock of 18 ewes and ewe lambs. In that time I have had a lot of success in the show ring and sale ring. My first ram lamb Kinninmonth Thunder I purchased in Lanark in 2017.

“This year I have two tup lambs and three ewe lambs for the Lanark Sale, Scotland on the 14th September and then I will be taking three tup lambs, five ewe lambs, three gimmers and two shearling rams to the Ulster Ram Breeders Association show and sale on Monday 26th September in Ballymena Livestock Market. I think it is great to see the popularity in the Border Leicester increasing again for it really is ‘the great provider.

“Myself and the association would like to thank our sponsors for their continued support at our Ballymena show and sale on 26th September Thompsons Feeding Innovation, Danske Bank, Fane Valley Stores and ASC Farm Services.”

A selection of Border Leicester stock ewes on the farm of Stephen and Claire


Stephen and Claire has retained this gimmer as a flock replacemen
Ram lambs for the URBA Border Leicester show and sale from Stephen Wallace Slatehill flock
Three gimmers for Ballymena show and sale and a selection of ewe lambs at Slatehill