Winners look forward to ladies night

I have included a few more pictures in this week’s issue of awards won by members within Sections C, D, F and G.

Thursday, 14th October 2021, 9:00 am
Ronnie Williamson - pictured proudly displaying his 2020 season awards
Ronnie Williamson - pictured proudly displaying his 2020 season awards

If I have missed anyone in my notes, please accept my apology and send me your information and any picture so I can include in my notes. Congratulations to all the award winners.

Ladies Night Friday 12th. November 2021 in the Templeton Hotel, Templepatrick. Tickets £35 available from Fred Russell. 02892693913 evenings. All trophy winners not attending ladies night to collect their trophy can collect it in the NIPA office these trophies will not be taken to the Ladies night presentation.


The Master - Ronnie Williamson - proudly displaying his awards won in the 2020 season.

I have included a couple pics of The Master – Ronnie Williamson – in this week’s issue. They capture Ronnie proudly displaying his awards won in the 2020 season and unfortunately, due to the covid restrictions, a presentation night was not possible.

The 2020 season will never be forgotten by “The Master” Ronnie, recording 8 x 1st NIPA Open Titles. He held the record a few years ago winning 7 x 1st Open Titles and the 2020 season saw the record tumble.

2021 saw the master win the most prestigious race in the old bird calendar – The St Malo Old Bird National. Another class performance to be covered in later reports in the coming weeks.


Now Online - Malcolm Robinson Clearance Sale.

The pigeon fraternity had a great loss recently with the untimely passing of long distance icon Mr Malcolm Robinson, Bondhill.

Malcolm had a fantastic record in the long distance events winning numerous top awards. Over 100 top awards at National Level were recorded from 2004 – 2019.

Some of Malcolm’s top awards including INFC National Champion 2019, Runner Up INFC National Champion 2018, 1st Open Lamballe Old Bird Derby, 1st Open Penzance Young Bird National 2016, 3rd & 5th Open Kings Cup, Harkness Rosebowl Winner (Best Two Bird Average Kings Cup), 5th Open Kings Cup 2011, INFC Hall Of Fame Winner, 6th Open INFC Yearling National, 4th Open Kings Cup 2018 etc.

The entire stock, race birds and youngsters will be online in the coming weeks on the Pigeon Craic Auction Site.

Now Online - M Robinson Clearance Sale.

The second event will be the kit of 2021 natural youngsters. These youngsters are bred from all the top long distance stock in the stock loft. Included will be direct Sons/Dtrs of 1st Open INFC Penzance Y/B National Winner – grandchildren Hall Of Fame Winners – Best of C & L Woodside Bloodlines etc.

The event is now online in three parts and will be ending 12th, 13th and 14th Oct at 8pm –

To select the event you require please click on the Category Tab at the top of the site and select which event you require.

Please note: There will be a 15 minutes sniping feature in operation.

Harry McKeown - Glenavy - 1st Open NIPA Bude

This is an online auction only. The old birds will start to be online from start of weekend 17/18 Oct.

Keep an eye on the site.


Larne & Dist will be holding a Pigeon Moot in their clubrooms – Old Glenarm Road, Larne BT40 1TS on Friday, 15th October at 7.30pm. Entrance £10 per ticket inclulding supper:

Panel: V.D.Weil Schreuder - Boscheind Flyers - needs no introduction in the Pigeon World and he will share his methods and feeding systems and answer any questions & Gilbert Heijnen. His family have 100 years experience in the pigeon game. Specialises in the Mid to Long Distance Events - one day long distance and multi day long distance. He will also share his racing and feeding systems.

There will be an auction on the night with either an old bird or a 2022 youngster donated by the following fanciers: V.D.Weil Schreuder (Boscheind Flyers) – Gilbert Heijnen – J Greenaway – D Calvin – T McClean – D & J Campbell – Mr & Mrs B McNeilly – K Rooney & Son & Dtr – J Wheatcroft – N Laycock. These birds are now online on the Pigeon Craic Auction Site - - prior to the event to bid on with the closing bid online the opening bid in the live room.

Anthony & Norman - A & N Lewis - Doagh & Dist - Sect C Old Bird Channel Fanciers of the year

To obtain tickets please contact any of the following: Rab Mills Tel : 07763532325 - Joe McLaughlin Tel: 07783790238 - Alastair McNaughton Tel: 07828663207 - Rab Rea Tel: 07545880065 - Mark McCormick Tel: 07540187478.