Working with tele-handlers on the farm - everything you need to know

Normally used by farmers, the rough terrain telescopic lift truck, better known as a tele-handler, is capable of travelling over off-road terrain and is widely used for moving materials and goods.

Sunday, 13th June 2021, 8:33 am

More versatile than a forklift truck due to its upwards and forwards reach ability, some machines are also fitted with stabilisers to increase their lifting capacity, however, without the right training they can be particularly dangerous in the workplace.

Children under 16 years of age should never operate tele-handlers. Young persons (under 18 years of age) should not be allowed to operate lift trucks without adequate supervision unless they have the necessary competence and maturity, as well as having successfully completed appropriate training.

As per the HSE’s Code of Practice, tele-handlers should only be driven by authorised, trained and competent people who have completed training. To meet this requirement, Lantra offer a range of high quality forklift and tele-handler courses.

Lantra’s courses will provide an operator with the essential knowledge and skills required to operate a telescopic lift truck, all you need to decide is which one is most suitable for you - the Lantra Awards Technical Award in: Rough Terrain Telescopic Lift Truck or Industrial Telescopic Lift Truck. The courses are designed for anyone who uses or will be using a telescopic material handler in either the agricultural or construction industry, allowing them to gain an industry recognised certificate.

These assessed training courses covers areas such as:

- Lift truck safety and the law

- Common areas of maintenance and pre-start checks,

- Start, stop and basic manoeuvring

- Operating with pallets and loads

The training includes theory and practical activities during the day.

To find a Lantra provider offering this training, visit or contact Paula Smyth on 07867 908 171.