YFCU European Rally team is announced for Germany

The YFCU has announced the members of the 2022 European Rally team for Germany later this year.

The team consists of Shannen Vance, Trillick and District YFC and YFCU vice president, Catherine Minford, Lylehill YFC, Glyn Surgenor, Hillsborough YFC, Matthew Wilson, Cappagh YFC, along with team leader Peter Alexander, YFCU president.

The European Rally will be held at DEULA Nienburg, Germany from August 1st to 6th and the theme for this year is Shaping Future – Dialogue for Sustainability in Rural Areas.

The 2022 European Rally focuses on dialogue for sustainability in rural areas with interesting discussions, intercultural exchange and fun.

The rally’s main aims and objectives include raising awareness of the need for sustainability through sharing knowledge, developing understanding of the importance of sustainable practices, overview of different aspects of sustainability, exploring sustainable strategies of different organisations, examining businesses within rural communities, strategies to ensure a sustainable future, exploring the democracies of each organisation and empowering young people to develop, strengthen and support their local communities.

Commenting on the announcement of the 2022 YFCU European Rally Team, Shannen Vance, YFCU vice president said: “I am delighted to have been awarded a place on the 2022 YFCU European Rally team - an opportunity that means even more given the travel restrictions of the past few years.

“It will be a great privilege to represent the YFCU alongside my fellow Co Tyrone member Matthew Wilson, and I am really looking forward to participating in the rally.”

YFCU would like to thank Danske Bank for their generous long-standing sponsorship, enabling members to attend the European Rally for the last 50 years.