YFCU public speaking finals

The Young Farmers’ Clubs of Ulster (YFCU) members recently participated in the 2021 Public Speaking Finals at Magherafelt High School on 28th October.

Robert Caldwell, NFU representative with Claire Fulton, Isabella Gregg and Jack Orr
Robert Caldwell, NFU representative with Claire Fulton, Isabella Gregg and Jack Orr

The public speaking event saw members competing in the county heats then progressing onto the finals.

The competition sought to find the best public speakers among the YFCU members in Northern Ireland.

The finals consisted of a prepared and impromptu section for each age group.

Robert Caldwell, NFU representative with James Gregg and Philip Crawford. Absent from photo: Naomi O’Neill


The competitors delivered a pre-prepared and impromptu speech chosen from a specified list of topics.

The prepared topics included: Staycation or Vacation?, If I could interview anyone alive or dead it would be, University should be free, Lessons learnt from Covid, Are we taking climate change seriously?, Social media is having a negative impact on people’s mental wellbeing, The future of Auctioneering- is it in the ring or online, Great Leader(s), Farming has to change to meet new market demands and My favourite school subject.

The final impromptu topics were My Role Model, Things you can’t learn at school, Rural life is better than urban life and My Biggest concern for the Future.

The judges at the final listened intently to over 100 speeches, and these were assessed according to platform manner, voice production, content and marshalling of facts.


Robert Caldwell, NFU representative with Fraser McComb and Allister Crawford. Absent from photo: Stephanie Millar

The judges were thoroughly impressed by a range of varied and entertaining speeches, thus having a difficult task due to the high standard presented.




3rd – Claire Fulton, Dungiven YFC

Robert Caldwell, NFU representative with Jonathan Lemon, Kerry Jamison and Rachel Sands

2nd – Jack Orr, Kilraughts YFC

1st – Isabella Gregg, Glarryford YFC



3rd – James Gregg, Glarryford YFC

Robert Caldwell, NFU representative with Joyce Allen, James Currie and Helen Chapman

2nd – Naomi O’Neill, Rathfriland YFC


1st – Philip Crawford, Seskinore YFC

16-18 prepared

3rd – Fraser McComb, Lylehill YFC

2nd – Stephanie Millar, Coleraine YFC


1st – Allister Crawford, Seskinore YFC

Robert Caldwell, NFU representative with Zoe Weir and Alexis Kidd. Absent from photo: Sarah Ross, Collone

16-18 impromptu

3rd – Jonathan Lemon, Ballywalter YFC


2nd – Kerry Jamison, Kilraughts YFC

1st – Rachel Sands, Annaclone and Magherally YFC

18-21 prepared

3rd – Joyce Allen, Moneymore


2nd – Helen Chapman, Hillhall

1st – James Currie, Kilraughts

18-21 impromptu

3rd – Sarah Ross, Collone YFC


2nd – Alexis Kidd, Lisnamurrican YFC

1st – Zoe Weir, Annaclone and Magherally YFC

21-25 prepared

3rd – Thomas McNeill, Kilraughts YFC


2nd – Alan Fleming, Cappagh YFC

1st – Lucy McClintock, Kells and Connor YFC

21-25 impromptu

3rd – Hannah Shaw, Spa YFC


2nd – Gareth Baird, Straid YFC

1st – Adam Alexander, Kilrea YFC

25-30 prepared

3rd – Hannah Kirkpatrick, Kilraughts YFC


2nd – Gemma Dickey, Randalstown YFC

1st – Andrew Patton, Newtownards YFC

25-30 impromptu

3rd – Ellen McMinn, Annaclone and Magherally YFC


2nd – David Hodges, Moycraig YFC

1st – Judith McKinley, Trillick and District YFC

The YFCU would like to thank the sponsor NFU Mutual Charitable Trust, the chairs, judges and trainers who helped throughout the competition and finally the YFCU members who took part.

Robert Caldwell, NFU representative with Thomas McNeill and Alan Fleming. Absent from photo: Lucy McClintock


Robert Caldwell, NFU representative with Adam Alexander and Hannah Shaw. Absent from photo: Gareth Baird
Robert Caldwell, NFU representative with Judith McKinley and Ellen McMinn. Absent from photo: David Hodges
Robert Caldwell, NFU representative with Hannah Kirkpatrick, Andrew Patton and Gemma Dickey