Young Charolais bull sells for £2,775 at Swatragh Mart

Weekly cattle sale: A very strong seasonal show of almost 50 cattle were presented at Swatragh Livestock Mart on Monday 7th June which resulted in another excellent trade for all types of stock on offer.

Tuesday, 8th June 2021, 10:53 am

Bullocks sold to a top price of £1,400 for a 606kg Limousin at £2.31 per kg and to a top of £2.80 per kilo for a Charolais 296kg at £830.

Heifers sold to a top price of £1,040 for a 500kg Aberdeen Angus at £2.08 per kg and to a top of £2.54 per kilo for a Hereford 134kg at £340.

Fat Cows were also a great trade topping at £1.82 per kilo for a Limousin.

A lot more stock required to meet demand.

Sample prices

Bullocks: Coleraine producer; Charolais, 296kg at £830 = 2.80p; Magherafelt producer; Charolais, 280kg at £690 = 2.46p; Speckled Park, 318kg at £700 = 2.20p; Charolais, 286kg at £700 = 2.45p; Swatragh producer; Limousin, 606kg at £1,400 = 2.31p; Limousin, 556kg at £1,240 = 2.23p; Charolais, 540kg at £1,150 = 2.13; Charolais, 580kg at £1,250 = 2.16p; Blonde d’Aquitaine, 568kg at £1,240 = 2.18p; Draperstown producer; Friesian, 312kg at £470 = 1.51p; Friesian, 280kg at £430 = 1.54p; Swatragh producer; Limousin, 458kg at £920 = 2.01p; ST,500kg at £970 = 1.94p; Portglenone producer; Aberdeen Angus, 532kg at £1,150 = 2.16p; Aberdeen Angus, 390kg at £830 = 2.13p; Magherafelt producer; Friesian, 562kg at £1,040 = 1.85p; Friesian, 590kg at £1,060 = 1.80p; Friesian, 500kg at £860 = 1.72p; Friesian, 492kg at £810 = 1.65p and Portglenone producer; Hereford, 496kg at £940 = 1.90p.

Heifers: Garvagh producer; Hereford, 134kg at £340 = 2.54p; Simmental, 214kg at £530 = 2.48p; Aberdeen Angus, 306kg at £680 = 2.22p; Hereford, 238kg at £440 = 1.85p; Portglenone producer; Aberdeen Angus, 500kg at £1,040 = 2.08p; Aberdeen Angus, 456kg at £900 = 1.97p; Aberdeen Angus, 402kg at £820 = 2.04p; Aberdeen Angus, 488kg at £930 = 1.91p and Cookstown producer; Hereford, 368kg at £720 = 1.96p; Hereford, 326kg at £590 = 1.81p; Hereford, 408kg at £770 = 1.89p; Hereford, 312kg at £550 = 1.76p; Aberdeen Angus, 450kg at £780 = 1.73p.

Cattle breeding sale: A great show of over 130 cattle were presented at Swatragh Livestock Mart on Friday night 4th June last, which resulted in an outstanding trade for all types of stock on offer.

Sample prices

Cows and calves sold exceptionally well topping at £2,700 for a quality Shorthorn cow and Simmental calf at foot.

Other excellent prices for cows and calves were Blonde d’Aquitaine and Limousin calf at £2,600; Limousin and Blonde d’Aquitaine calf at £2,080 and Belgian Blue and Limousin calf at £2,000.

Maiden Heifers sold to an exceptional £2,280 for a fantastic Limousin.

A good selection of a variety of pedigree breeds of bulls also sold exceptionally well topping with a young Charolais bull at £2,775.

Weekly sheep sale: Lambs to £147 and fat ewes to £207.

An excellent show of over 1,000 sheep were presented at Swatragh Livestock Mart on Saturday 5th June.

200 cull ewes were offered for sale and were an excellent trade topping at £207.

Over 750 lambs were presented for sale, which was also met with a very solid trade, lambs topped at £147.00 for heavy sorts.

Sample prices

Heavy weight: Dungiven producer; 28.5kg at £147.00 = 5.16p; Randalstown producer; 28.5kg at £147.00 = 5.16p; Coleraine producer; 26.5kg at £146.00 = 5.51p; Draperstown producer; 28kg at £142.00 = 5.07p; Tobermore producer; 26.5kg at £138.50 = 5.23p; Swatragh producer; 27kg at £137.00 = 5.07p; Ballymoney producer; 25kg at £135.00 = 5.40p; Portglenone producer; 25kg at £125.00 = 5.00p and Bushmills producer; 26kg at £124.00 = 4.77p.

Mid-weight Tobermore producer; 21.75kg at £129.00 = 5.93p; Cookstown producer; 23.2kg at £125.50 = 5.41p; Dunloy producer; 23.5kg at £124.00 = 5.28p; Coleraine producer; 22.8kg at £123.50 = 5.42p; Draperstown producer; 22.5kg at £123.50 = 5.49p; Limavady producer; 22.3kg at £123.00 = 5.52p; Rasharkin producer; 22.75kg at £123.00 = 5.41p; Ballycastle producer; 21kg at £123.00 = 5.86p; Coleraine producer; 22.3kg at £122.50 = 5.49p; Kilrea producer; 22.75kg at £122.50 = 5.38p; Loughgiel producer; 23kg at £122.50 = 5.33p; Desertmartin producer; 22kg at £122.50 = 5.57p; Limavady producer; 23.2kg at £121.50 = 5.24p; Cookstown producer; 22kg at £121.50 = 5.52p; Draperstown producer; 22kg at £121.50 = 5.52p; Tobermore producer; 21.25kg at £121.00 = 5.69p and Magherafelt producer; 22.8kg at £120.50 = 5.29p.

Light weight lambs: Coleraine producer; 18.25kg at £97.00 =5.32p; Garvagh producer; 17kg at 93.00 = 5.47p and Magherafelt producer; 18kg at £91.00 = 5.06p.

Fat ewes: Glarryford producer; £207; Glarryford producer; £185 and Garvagh producer; £176.

Cattle sale every Monday at 11.30am.

Sheep sale every Saturday at 10.30am.

Weekly sheep breeding sale resumes on Thursday 22nd July at 7.30pm.