A busy evening at Ecclesville’s Showjumping League

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Ecclesville Centre, Fintona was a hive of activity as competitors took part in week three of Ecclesville’s Showjumping League.

Raymond Caldwell’s courses continue to draw a great crowd of enthusiastic showjumpers.

The Showjumping League will continue for the next two Friday evenings, commencing at 6.15pm with a 40cms class, followed by 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 1m and 1.10m.

Results from 20 February:

40cm Class (Double Clears): Grace Hamil and Sweetie; Lucy McCann and Star; Niamh Donnelly and Maisie; Covla Donnelly and Phoebe; Mollie Rosbottom and Dusty Bin

60cm Class (Double Clears): Lucy McCann and Star; Demi-Lee McKenna and Fiana; Niamh Donnelly and Sweetie; Shevonne Nagel and Maisie; Nadia Donnelly and Bell; Covla Donnelly and Star; Aron Healy and Nemo; Ellie-Mae Johnston and Cindy

70cms (Double Clears): Donnika Campbell and Ria; Joseph Owens and Annie Mac; Helen Kelly and Stardust; Caoimhe Hegarty and Buster; Louise Wylie and Highway; Gillian Hynes and Faith; Caoimhe Hegarty and Ginger Snap; Kerry Taggart and Doris; Kerry Taggart and Connie

80cms (Double Clears): Gillian Hynes and Faith; Joseph Owens and Annie Mac; Nora McCullagh and Fudge; Rebecca Jones and Sambo; Caoimhe Hegarty and Buster; Kerry Taggart and Lily; Clara Daly and Boomerang Barney; Darren Irwin and Cherry; Donnika Campbell and Ria; Stacey Sproule and Paco

90cms (Double Clears): Kerry Taggart and Sundance; Louise Wylie and Highway; Caoimhe Hegarty and Shambo; Rachel McGinn and Belle; Emma Boyd and Oscar; Denis Storey and Sonny; Diane Acheson and Faith

1m (Double Clears): Clara Daly and Minstrel; Roisin Donnelly and Ria; Roisin Donnelly and Venus

1.10 (Double Clear): Roisin Donnelly and Ria

Competitors are reminded that the same combination rider/pony must compete in the same class for three out of the four weeks prior to the Final to be eligible for prizes on 6 March.

For further information on the League contact Sandra on 07990 541 966 or Ecclesville Centre on 028 8284 0591.