A February flashback to all the festive fun at Laurel View

Holly Ross and Dapple win seventies Santa's Sleigh Ride - Photo by Equi-Tog
Holly Ross and Dapple win seventies Santa's Sleigh Ride - Photo by Equi-Tog

Time has flown by and the last traces of tinsel were stored away safely ages ago, but with all the snow and frost over the winter, the fingers that type up the Laurel View results have just not been operating fully so only now are they getting the length of the press.

A spare Sunday in December is a rarity, but in 2017 Laurel View such a date was found and to celebrate a Christmas Cracker Show was run on Sunday 17th.

The show featuring Jingle Show Jumping and Tinsel Tangle Obstacle Course classes proved very popular and got everyone into a fantastic festive mood. Read on to see who had sparkle over the show jumps and round the obstacle course.

Then just before Christmas on the 23rd December a fabulous day of festive fun was had by all at the annual Laurel View Riding School Christmas Show. Excellent displays of team work and great enthusiasm all round. Many of the competitors were attempting their first ever horse riding competition. The course was decorated like a Christmas Tree and festive drinks and treats kept the competitors and their supporters in good cheer.

At the end of the day prizes were awarded to the top six teams.

Check out the Equi-Tog facebook page for many more flashbacks to the festive period.

Everyone is welcome to sign up for Wednesday evening show jumping from March 14. Please note the eagerly awaited Easter Show on Sunday, April 8.


CHRISTMAS CRACKER SHOW - Tinsel Tangle Obstacle Course

Class 1: Elf Assisted (Lead Rein): 1st Sparky, Alice Jones; 2nd Boba, Harvey Ross; 3rd Bo Bo, Paige Erwin; 4th Laura, Hannah Kernohan; 5th Stellar, Isla Hannah; 6th Haribo, Amelia Bannon.

Class 2: Junior Elf (Rider under 13 years): 1st Henry, Cayleigh Erwin; 2nd Bruno, Natasha Sweeney; 3rd Marley, Georgia Rea; 4th Matilda, Aoibh Gilgunn; 5th Laid Back Dude, Stephanie Fox; 6th Keady, Lucy McDowell.

Class 3: Senior Elf (Rider 13 years & over): 1st Toby, Amy-Lee Hanvey; 2nd Marley, Oliver Carter; 3rd Jack, Holly Hanvey; 4th Shakhan, Holly McKeown; 5th Keady, Orla Robinson.

Class 4: Elf Led (obstacle course in hand): 1st Sha Khan, Holly McKeown; 2nd Sparky, Alice Jones; 3rd Laid Back Dude, Stephanie Fox.

Jingle Show Jumping

Class 5: Crackers Caper - Cross poles: 1st Touch of Grace, Dylan Beggs; 2nd Sparky, Alice Jones; 3rd Paddy, Grace Kirkwood; 4th Laura, Hannah Kernohan; 5th Basil, Poppy Bannon; 6th Bob, Hannah Milligan.

Class 6: Tinsel Trot – 30cm: 1st Touch of Grace, Dylan Beggs; 2nd Keady, Orla Robinson; 3rd Rab, Zara Jones; 4th Spartacus, Megan Matthews; 5th Boba, Harvey Ross; 6th Stellar, Isla Hannah.

Class 7: Frosty Dash – 45cm: 1st Sparky, Erin McCrea; 2nd Indie, Jersey Magill; 3rd Lass, Hayley Rolston; 4th Marley, Georgia Rea; 5th Keady, Lucy McDowell; 6th Tinks, Mark Ross.

Class 8: Fairy Light Folly – 55cm: 1st Henry, Cayleigh Erwin; 2nd Guinness, Grace Gillen; 3rd Lass, Hayley Rolston; 4th Haribo, Amelia Bannon; 5th Sparky, Erin McCrea; 6th Touch of Grace, Dylan Beggs.

Class 9: Snowman’s Sprint – 60cm: 1st Dapple, Holly Ross; 2nd Johnathon, Natasha Lowry; 3rd Touch of Grace, Dylan Beggs; 4th Jack, Holly Hanvey; 5th Toby, Amy-Lee Hanvey; 6th Indie, Jersey Magill.

Class 10: Santa’s Sleigh Ride – 70cms: 1st Dapple, Holly Ross; 2nd Harvey, Emma Blair; 3rd Touch of Grace, Dylan Beggs; 4th Blue, Natasha Lowry.


1st team – LV Pippa, Rachel Bowles; Bob, Emma Hosick; Marley, Georgia Rea and Pippa, Cora McNulty; 2nd team – Barney, Rebecca Braniff; Guinness, Ellie Braniff; Jack, Seaneen Keenan; Toby, Amy-Lee Hanvey; 3rd team – Sparky, Maia Smith Wallace; Roly, Sophie Montgomery; Rab, Alara Terak and Cindy, Zara Davis; 4th team – Paddy, Finn Doherty; Connie, Chloe Chesney; Cindy, Alex Rogan and Kate, Natasha Lowry; 5th team – Rab, Helen Gage; Silver, Grace Gillen; Keady, Lucy McDowell and Blue, Robert Davis; 6th team – Marley, Oliver Carter; Bailey, Kirsten Davis; Rab, Zara Jones and Beauty, Sasha Mateer.