Adult league concludes at Mossvale

Overall winning team 3 Smarties and a Tube
Overall winning team 3 Smarties and a Tube

On Saturday, April 22, Mossvale Equestrian Centre held the last round of the Botanica Adult League which has been running for the past five months.

Organisers would like to thank Sean Cooney for this sponsorship throughout the league and to Brenna for coming along to present the prizes each month.

Mossvale continues to run its Horse and Pony jumping every Thursday evening from 7.30pm and Pony jumping every Friday from 7pm. Everyone is welcome.


Horse and Pony Showjumping at Armagh Show in Gosford Park (details to follow).

Castlewellan Show Saturday, July 15: Mossvale has two showjumping arenas running all day starting at 10am.

Working Hunter Show Saturday, July 22, and Showjumping Show Saturday, August 5, all at Mossvale Equestrian Centre.


1st, 3 Smarties and a tube: Adam Truesdale - Hazy; Jason Hanna - Trigger; Adam Truesdale - Darraghs Bounty; Sonia Walker - Robbie.

2nd, The Mavericks: Sabrina McAnulty - Macy; Una Megoran - Misty; Joanne Martin - Lucy Lou; John Joe McCrickard - Bridge Rock.

3rd, Playboy and the Bunnies: James Hepburn - Star; Bree Rutledge - Jewel; Claire Smyth - Tilly; Kate Russell - Bingo.

4th Rostrevor stable stars: Natalie Hodgett - Panda; Kerrie Cunningham - Molly; Rebecca Hudson - Panda; Natalie Hodgett - Molly.

5th, The Muskateers: Rebecca McMullan - Clio; Rebecca McMullan - Bobbity; Eamon McMullan - Sessiagh; Kerry Sloan - Bobbity.

Individual: 1st, Una Megoran - Misty; 2nd, Adam Truesdale - Darragh’s Bounty; 3rd, Rebecca McMullan - Bobbity; 4th, Sonia Walker - Robbie; 5th, Rebecca McMullan - Clio; 6th, Jason Hanna - Trigger.


Teams: 1st, 3 Smarties and a Tube; 2nd, The Mavericks; 3rd, The Muskateers; 4th, Rostrevor Stable Stars; 5th, Playboy and the Bunnies; 6th, Adrian’s Rostrevor Fillies.

Individuals: 1st, Una Megoran - Misty; 2nd, Sonia Walker - Robbie; 3rd, Melissa McBurney - Darragh’s Bounty; 4th, Rebecca McMullan - Clio; 5th, Kerrie Sloan - Bobbity; 6th, Kerry Cunningham - Molly.