Amazing dressage day for Aware

Second out on the grass for Jayne Woodward and Boycie
Second out on the grass for Jayne Woodward and Boycie

Laurel View’s annual charity dressage show on 16th July raised a phenomenal £1,760 for Aware NI, the only charity in Northern Ireland working exclusively for those with depression.

A spokesperson for the organisers commented: “This fantastic amount was only possible thanks to the contributions of many, through their time, money or sponsorship. Over 160 tests were ridden on the day so thank you to everyone for supporting the Laurel View Charity Show once again.

“Particular mention must go to the Show Sponsors, Doagh Equestrian, Dunamoy Spa, Emma Hobson Equestrian, Equestrian Life NI, Equi-Tog, NAF and Old Mill Saddlery.”

Red rosette winners in June were Sandrine Gunst and Vechtress; Wendy Forsythe and Tifftarney PJ Gold; Emma Wallace and Trooper; Jackie Hanna and Truly; Joanne McSeveney and Donna Emilia, with Kirsty Marsden and Loughmourne Diamond taking the final red of the day.

Thanks to Martina McKinley, Geraldine Lowry, Jacky Reid, Ivor Harper and Angelene Nicholson for judging at the June show.

Many of the June winners were in the prizes again at the Charity Show, with the top spots going to Sandrine Gunst and Vechtress for the Walk/Trot test. Sarah Moore and Paddy won Class 2, while it was Claire Bennett and Easter who came out on top of Class 3. Taking top reward in Class 4 was Kristine Lynch on Tawneybrack Indiana. The Novice class top award was earned by Joanne McSeveney and Donna Emilia. This pairing also went on to win the Open Class.

Charity Show judges tasked with the huge classes were Yvette Truesdale, Angelene Nicholson, Geraldine Lowry, Ivor Harper and David Patterson.

The next leg of the Laurel View league is on Sunday 20th August. All entries by noon on Thursday 17th. Details of the tests and other upcoming events and activities will be posted at


Summer Dressage League (2 of 5) June 25

Class 1 - BD Intro B - Judge Martina McKinley: 1st Vechtress, Sandrine Gunst, 73.70; 2nd Master Fools Gold, Laura Heatley, 73.04; 3rd Lord Ludos White Diamond, Diane O’Donovan, 72.83; 4th Bullet, Emma-Louise Gourley, 69.78; 5th Jazz Blackjack, Bronte Reid, 68.91; 6th Comanche Arrow, Cindy Cunningham, 67.17.

Class 2 - Prelim 2 - Judge Geraldine Lowry: 1st Tifftarney PJ Gold, Wendy Forsythe, 73.79; 2nd Comets Pride, Helen Hoffin, 73.45; 3rd Giggz, Nicola Smallwoods, 73.28; 4th Admiral, Sasha Mateer, 72.93; 5th Fly, Hannah Thompson, 72.59; 6th Boycie, Jayne Woodward, 72.59.

Class 3 - Prelim 7 - Judge Jacky Reid: 1st Trooper, Emma Wallace, 72.50; 2nd Tawneybrack Indiana, Kristine Lynch, 71.14; 3rd Larkin, Lisa Ferguson, 70.45; 4th Easter, Claire Bennett, 70.23; 5th Tifftarney PJ Gold, Wendy Forsythe, 69.32; 6th Murphy, Helen Anderson, 68.86.

Class 4 - Prelim 14 - Judge Ivor Harper: 1st Truly, Jackie Hanna, 74.62; 2nd Trooper, Emma Wallace, 70.77; 3rd Battlehill, Jane Hobson, 70.58; 4th Larkin, Lisa Ferguson, 70.19; 5th Indi, Penny Murphy, 70.19; 6th Taloubet Oz, Susan Scott, 68.08.

Class 5 - Novice 28 - Judge Ivor Harper: 1st Donna Emilia, Joanne McSeveney, 75.00; 2nd Bella, Penny Murphy, 69.17; 3rd Roger, Laurel Faloona, 67.08; 4th Beechmount Reeba, Meaghann Crawford, 66.67; 5th Maverick, Louise Spence, 66.67; 6th My Toy Boy, Jacqui Lewis, 64.38.

Class 6 - Open - Judge Angelene Nicholson: 1st Loughmourne Diamond (Nov), Kirsty Marsden, 74.79; 2nd Derryvane Danny (Elem), Helen Faulkner, 73.62; 3rd Ballylin Ben (Nov), Daryl McKinney, 70.83; 4th Ballylin Ben (Elem), Daryl McKinney, 67.93; 5th Seven for a Secret (Elem), Jill Hobson, 67.07; 6th Beechmount Baxter (Elem), Linda McIlwaine, 66.55.

Summer Dressage League (3 of 5) July 16

Charity Dressage Show

Class 1 - BD Intro C - Judge Yvette Truesdale- Sponsor Emma Hobson Equestrian, Laurel View & NAF: 1st Vechtress, Sandrine Gunst, 71.09; 2nd Isis, Emma Blair, 67.39; 3rd Silver Button, Michaela Murphy, 66.09; 4th Bullet, Emma-Louise Gourley, 65.22; 5th Lord Ludos White Diamond, Diane O’Donovan, 64.57; 6th Diesel, Gail Hadden, 64.57.

Class 2 - Prelim 7 - Judge Angelene Nicholson - Sponsor Doagh Equestrian & NAF: 1st Paddy, Sarah Moore, 79.55; 2nd Arctic Eclipse, Robyn Catterall, 77.05; 3rd Carnsdale Irish Times, Robyn Catterall, 74.32; 4th Taloubet Oz, Susan Scott, 74.32; 5th Poppy, Amanda Speers, 73.18; 6th Rock Midnight, Amy Whittle, 72.50.

Class 3 - Prelim 13 - Judge Gerry Lowry - Sponsor Equi-Tog & NAF: 1st Easter, Claire Bennett, 81.15; 2nd Boycie, Jayne Woodward, 76.35; 3rd Stainsby Freespirit, Lynn Patterson, 75.96; 4th Susie, Leah Knight, 74.81; 5th Belle, Leah Knight, 74.23; 6th Taloubet Oz, Susan Scott, 73.27.

Class 4 - Prelim 18 - Judge Ivor Harper - Sponsor Dunamoy & NAF: 1st Tawneybrack Indiana, Kristine Lynch, 71.35; 2nd Mithrill Lace, Leah Knight, 71.15; 3rd Gabby, Helen Faulkner, 71.15; 4th Hey there Delilah, Anya Skilling, 70.19; 5th Guinness, Lucy Knight, 70.19; 6th Stainsby Freespirit, Lynn Patterson, 69.62.

Class 5 - Novice 30 - Judge Ivor Harper - Sponsor Equestrian Life NI & NAF: 1st Donna Emilia, Joanne McSeveney, 77.50; 2nd Delilah, Laura Wilson, 74.42; 3rd George, Sadie Henry, 70.96; 4th Dale, Orlaith O’Hagan, 70.77; 5th Cadbury, Julia Fielden, 70.00; 6th Zeb, Leah Knight, 70.00.

Class 6 - Open: Judge David Patterson - Sponsor Old Mill Saddlery & NAF: 1st Donna Emilia (Nov), Joanne McSeveney, 72.14; 2nd Rolando (Elem), Emma Hobson, 70.69; 3rd Dale (Nov), Orlaith O’Hagan, 70.54; 4th Mouse (Nov), Gemma Goodrich, 69.82; 5th Delilah (Elem), Laura Wilson, 66.72; 6th Happy Feet 3 (Para V Team), Lucinda Houston, 65.81.