Andrew and Archill Lass sweep to victory

Simone Leathem riding Willow for the dromore devils team, winners of the Novice individual
Simone Leathem riding Willow for the dromore devils team, winners of the Novice individual

It was another very full day of showjumping at The Meadows on Saturday for the penultimate leg of the TRI Inter Schools’ Showjumping League. Both arenas started punctually at 8.30am and continued unabated until dusk was descending.

The leaderboards reflect very tight positions at the top with everything to play for at the final on 14 January.

The very early start did not deter the primary school pupils jumping in the 50 cms class where dedication and excitement was written all over their little faces. Eight year old Andrew Sharvin from Downpatrick Primary School, and his amazing pony, Archill Lass, finished top of the pack with a very professionally ridden double clear, closest to the optimum time, followed very closely by Kitty Cullen and Toby.

In the Primary Team event the ‘Fabulous 4’ clocked up their 3rd successive win by a very convincing margin over second placed, ‘The Fab 4’ which gives them a five point lead going into the final.

There were almost thirty starters in the 70cms Primary Individual class with a high proportion of double clears. Fastest of those was last month’s winner, Tyler Houston on Percy from Larne and Inver Primary School followed by another consistent performer, Shannon Boville and Buster from Fairhill Primary.

The novice individual class saw just eight hundredths of a second dividing first and second place with Megan Nelson claiming the spoils on Astrex ahead of last month’s winner, Charley Hanna and Hazy.

Meantime Arena 1 started as, usual, with a large group of Novice teams.

Seven of those successfully completed on a zero score with just 0.5 of a second dividing the top two. Dromore Devils were back on form to claim maximum points with Assumption Grammar in the runner up spot for the third successive month. However, Assumption has now generated a nine point lead over Royal School Armagh in the league totals at the moment. It’s definitely going to be a very exciting final in January.

The open team event created just two teams on a zero score with the Rascals Reborn out in front of second placed Down High Flyers.

Tadhg Clarke from Campbell College, riding Gaulstown Lady Bishp, led in the open individual competition from a very early stage, only to be pipped to the post by the final rider, Lucy Morton and Bo Bo Bear.

The final class of the day was the premier individual where Newbridge Integrated student, Hannah Chambers made her presence felt with Lisnavarragh Lou Lou by winning the class from Jessica Nelson and Duke of Down High School.

Tack and turn out inspectors this month were Shellagh Gault and Catherine Abbott, who scrupulously checked all competitors prior to competition and those who passed the test and won prizes certainly did their schools proud.

Thanks, as ever, to TRI Equestrian and Judy Maxwell of Baileys Horse Feeds for their sponsorship and continued support. Thanks, too, to all officials in every capacity who kept the classes running so efficiently. League organisers all look forward to the final on Saturday 14 January.

Full results

Novice teams

1, Dromore Devils (Ryan Boville, Bailey, Simone Leathem, Magic, Zoe Gilliland, Harry, Simone Leathem, Willow)

2, Assumption Grammar (Ella Kinkaid, Lismahon Houdini, Emily Stewart, Calyco Jack, Lucy Savage, Knock Ash Willis, Zara Burns, Flapjack Flyer)

3, Banbridge Academy Bits (Rachel Taylor, Great Pretender, Ella McCallister, Susie, Alex Lappin, One in Front, Helena Silva Reyes, Rosina Breeze)

4, Hunterhouse College Blue (Sophie Lister-Tinsley, Shannon, Ella Heron, Dam Boy, Gillian Grogan, Heaven Sent, Lucy Toombs, Kasino)

5, Ballymena Academy Navy (Zoe Dickey, Danny, Alex Byrne, Forest Lodge Rambler, Alex Henry McCool, Pippa, Myah McClean, Mini Mance Justice)

6, Methodist College (Niamh Fitzpatrick, Dalways Counting Daisies, Hannah Wilding, Colonel Gun, Niamh Fitzpatrick, Skye Blue)

Tack and turn out winners: Down High Gold (Lara Kelly, Mystery Boy, Zara Sharvin, Polly, Alex Ogle, Ronaldo, Abby Cummiskey, Black Jack)

Novice individuals

1, Megan Nelson, Astrex, High School, Ballynahinch

2, Charley Hanna, Hazy, Kilkeel HS

3, Daniel Moore, Lancelot Du Bois, Lurgan Junior High

4, Simone Leathem, Willow, Dromore HS

5, Charley Hanna, Trigger, Kilkeel HS

5, Victoria Lee, Duffy, Royal School Armagh

Tack and turn out winner: Victoria Greenaway, Warrior Bob, Portadown College

Open teams

1, The Rascals Reborn (Abby Morton, Smokey Joe, Kathryn Morton, Dominic, Lucy Morton, Sparky, Kathryn Morton, Risky River)

2, Down High Flyers (Alex Cleland, Rafa Smash, Charis Vinaccia, Derry Mac, Jessica Nelson, Duke, Charlotte Leslie, Na Marcaraigh Star)

3, Ballyclare Secondary (Alexandra McConnell, Levi, Jessica McConnell, Finding Nemo, Robyn McConnell, Snip, Alexandra McConnell, Lenny)

4, Newbridge Integrated (Mya McDowell, Imps Girl, Eva Kerton, Seapatrick Crudam, Hollie Smith, Hill Dancer, Hannah Chambers, Lisnavarragh Lou Lou)

5, Campbell College (Hugo O’Neill, Glenloughan Secret, Rory O’Neill, Silver Fox, Tadhg Clarke, Gaulstown Lady Bishop, Ruari Clarke, Bonny)

6, Ballymena Academy (Courtney Hamilton, Buddy, Jamie Lee Mark, Grangeese, Tori Surgenor, Bonny, William Hamilton, Rakish Talisman)

Tack and turn out winner: Friends School, Lisburn (Ben Rowlatt McCormick, Mon Ami Alme, Erin Barlow, Bamfield Indian Sky, Ben Rowlatt McCormick, Cashell Bay Native)

Open individual

1, Lucy Morton, Bo Bo Bear, Royal School Armagh

2, Tadhg Clarke, Gaulstown Lady Bishop, Campbell College

3, Ella Grant, Beautiful Mystery, Rainey Endowed

4, Josh Marks, Leo, Cambridge House

5, Katie Lee Houston, Minto, Larne Grammar School

6, Beth Cunningham, Dreamer, Lurgan College

Tack and turn out winner: Katie Lee Houston, Minto, Larne Grammar School

Premier Individual

1, Hannah Chambers, Lisnavarragh Lou Lou, Newbridge Integrated

2, Jessica Nelson, Duke, Down High School

3, Charlotte Greer, Scott, Ballyclare High School

4, Beth Cunningham, Dreamer, Lurgan College

5, Nadine McKenna, Nellie, St Catherine’s College

6, Gemma Chambers, Lisnavarragh Legend, Victoria College

Primary individual – 50cms

1, Andrew Sharvin, Archill Lass, Downpatrick PS

2, Kitty Cullen, Toby, Bleary PS

3, Daniel Dallas, Rolo, Ballytrea PS

Tack and turn out winner: Katelyn Irvine, Little Miss May, Oakfield PS

Primary teams

1, Fabulous 4 (Toby Davison, Jake, Thomas Patton, Sugar, Sam Jackson, Ike, Tyler Houston, Percy)

2, Fab 4 (Daisy Gillespie, Woodvale Classic Lady, Emma Irwin, Sergeant, Katie Haire, Thunder Ba Ba, Lorne Walsh, Nelson Jack)

3, The Cool Crew (Katelyn Irvine, Little Miss May, Rocco Cairns, Skye, Grace Morton, Molly, Rocco Cairns, Little Miss May)

4, The Mighty Midgets (Shannon Boville, Toffee, Emma Burns, Flapjack Flyer, Catherine McClelland, Stuart Little, Shannon Boville, Buster)

5, The Bridle Bandits (Anna Mcerlean, Lily, Anna White, Rosemount roulette, Rosey Heron, Applejack Buttercrunch, Laura McCabe, Lily)

6, Down Divas (Jodie-Leigh Rice, Cassie, Cali Rose Cathcart, Daisy, Portia M’Ilwrath, Cassie, Lauren Madine, Daisy)

Tack and turn out winners: Fabulous 4 (Toby Davison, Jake, Thomas Patton, Sugar, Sam Jackson, Ike, Tyler Houston, Percy)

Primary individuals – 70cms

1, Tyler Houston, Percy, Larne and Inver PS

2, Shannon Boville, Buster, Fairhill PS

3, Thomas Patton, Sugar, Whitehead PS

4, Shannon Boville, Toffee, Fairhill PS

5, Sam Jackson, Ike, Ballyclare PS and Anna McErlean, Lily, Rowandale IPS

Tack and turn out winner: Molly McCartney, Darby O’Gill, Tildarg PS.