April showers as riders continue to compete at Meadows SJI Series

Alison Irwin riding Peanut, clear in the 70cm
Alison Irwin riding Peanut, clear in the 70cm

‘Sunshine and showers’ gave the best description to jumping at the Meadows Equestrian Centre at the weekend. Whilst the sun shone in the morning a few drizzly showers did not deter competitors competing in the Lurgan arenas.

Having a busy day, the 1.30m win went to Peter Smyth with William Todd’s ‘Roscrib de Ross’. In second place was regular supporter of the Meadows John Higgins with his own ‘Sansibar’. Peter then again took third place with Kathryn O’Hagan’s RDS winner ‘CHS Krooze’.


90cm - Divided between Amy Giles’ Dunmore Prince (Amy Giles), Lisa Corry’s Inishcruise (Lisa Corry), Isla Savage’s MMS Chelsea (Isla Savage).

1m - Divided between Helen Patterson’s Ballyrobinblackphantom (Hannah Agnew), Taryn McClurkin’s Innocense (Taryn McClurkin), Kieran McGuigan’s Just Because D&M (Ryan McGuigan), Gareth Saunderson’s Linnaeus Van Thornesele (Gareth Saunderson), Dominic Rice’s Premier Spirit (Luke Campbell), Cheryl Stevenson’s Tamniarn Rebel (Cheryl Stevenson).

1.10m - 1, James Kernan’s Vinday (Margaret Fullerton); 2, Ian Chapman’s Mullentine Sure Diamond (Rachel Chapman); 3, Judith Dunlop’s Cinnickroodnoot (Sara Dunlop); 4, Patrick McWilliams’s Drumrot Penny (Patrick John McWilliams); 5, William Greene’s Edentrillick Ruby Tuesday (Hannah Agnew); 6, Frank McLeigh’s Dunnanew Sunset (Mary McLeigh).

1.20m - 1, Paul Carr’s Ballyheerin Bay Lad (Peter Smyth); 2, Rebekah Waide’s Mr Grey (AES) (Luke Campbell); 3, Raymond Kelly’s Cruise Liner (Conall Kelly); 4, Victoria Golden’s Marblearch (Victoria Golden); 5, Ryan Hunter’s Feerwerd Carlos (Ryan Hunter); 6, Raymond Kelly’s Pomeroy (Conall Kelly).

1.30m - 1, William Todd’s Roscrib de Ross (Peter Smyth); 2, John Higgins’s Sansibar (John Higgins); 3, Kathryn O’Hagan’s CHS Krooze (Peter Smyth); 4, John Higgins’ Dilando (John Higgins).