Autumn league action continues at Mill Yard

Saturday 15th October 2016 saw the Working Hunter For All Autumn League continue at Mill Yard Equestrian Centre, Anahilt, Hillsborough.

Despite some awful autumnal rain there was a good turnout with classes to suit all levels and abilities.

Mill Yard would like to thank all competitors, Judge, scribe, supporters, caterers and JHd Photography.

For more information, check out or contact Lucy on 07790625794.

Results for Spring Working Hunter For All, Saturday 15th October:

Class 1: 1st – Julia Milligan on Tamarind; 2nd – Zara McConnell on Stan; 3rd – Rianna Milligan on Toby; 4th – Rebecca Dudley on Dominic.

Class 2: 1st – Julia Milligan on Tamarind; =2nd – Rianna Milligan on Toby, Aimee McKeown on Flynn; 3rd – Kerry Mussen on Mojo; 4th – Kaitlin Kearns on Puzzle; 5th – Kristina Hayes on Ruby; 6th – Louise Delany on Mighty Marty.

Class 3: 1st – Amy Willis on Duno; 2nd – Victoria White on Temple Bui; 3rd – Poppy Hepburn on Jacob; 4th – Julia Milligan on Tamarind.

Class 4: 1st – Victoria White on Temple Bui; 2nd – Jill Banford on Candy; 3rd – Meaghan Sinclair on Beanie; 4th – Emma Dowds on Mystery Aristocrat; 5th – Laura McDermott on Cognac.

Champion – Victoria White on Temple Bui.

Reserve Champion – Jill Banford on Candy.