Baileys Horse Feeds Flexi Eventing sees further increase in numbers

Although it was a frosty start, the sun shone brightly for the second leg of the Baileys Horse Feeds Flexi Eventing where numbers had increased yet again in all three disciplines.

Wednesday, 29th January 2020, 9:44 am
Nicola Martin riding Butter, winners of the PreNovice B Dressage

The Meadows Equestrian Centre staff began their day at 5.30am harrowing the arenas to ensure that conditions were perfect for the 9am start.

This series of Flexi Eventing is a great educational opportunity for horses and riders at the beginning of the season.

The dressage arenas are very well decorated with floral arrangements while the showjumping and cross country courses have a great range of fences affording plenty of learning for all levels.

Shane McKeever riding KHS Impact, winners of the Intro A Dressage

Fran Warden reserved her top marks of 76.8 % in Intro ‘A’ for Shane McKeever riding his fifteen year old Master Imp gelding, KHS Impact. This combination are no strangers to podium finishes and, in fact had to settle for 3rd place last week as his wife Sharon took the top spot. The runner up this week was Nicky Nesbitt with her nine year old Crosstown Dancer mare, Carrickview Saratoga. Ardnacashel proprietor, Janice Reddy picked up a third and sixth placings with Izzy and Cracker.

Meantime the Intro ‘B’ class, judged by Martina McKinley, saw an exciting new combination of Caitie Slater and Tango take top honours. This is remarkable given that this mare has just started her retraining programme, having had her last race just seven weeks ago so it is an exciting partnership for the eventing season. Margaret Creighton gave a very good account of herself with La-Di-Da, her seven year old Clover Echo mare, taking second in both Intro ‘B’ and Pre Novice ‘B’.

Dressage Ireland Judge, Will McAuley, had the heaviest workload this week where he judged both sections of a heavily subscribed Pre Novice class. Leading the way in the ‘A’ section was Jenny Nixon with Harley, her eight year old gelding by Cruise On Harley. Last week’s winner, Nichola Wray and Lady Grey, slotted into second place just two points adrift. The seven year old gelding, Butter, took the judge’s eye in the ‘B’ section, under the guidance of Nicola Martin, who had steered the gelding to a top six placing on six out of seven runs under Eventing Ireland rules last year.

Denis Currie and Arodstown Aramis moved up one place from last week’s performance to take the win in the Novice class under the critical eye of Angeline Nicholson who awarded them 74.5%, over six points clear of Ellen McDonald and Dante Alighieri.

Jenny Nixon riding Harley, winners of the PreNovice A Dressage

Alex Houston’s trip from the North Coast was beneficial as she took top honours in the Intermediate section with Skyfall Echo, her very accomplished Clover Echo mare. Hannah Blakely and Clerkson claimed the runner up position.

The last dressage test was ridden at 15.30 and showjumping and cross country continued until after 16.00.

Huge thanks to the large band of helpers who stay on duty for long hours to make this event run smoothly.

This series of Baileys Horse Feeds Flexi Eventing runs each Saturday until 7th March and is open to everyone. Full details are on the MEC and Eventing Ireland websites.

Hannah Blakely riding Silver Button in the 1.10m SJ

Dressage entries should be submitted to Dora on 07876758979 or [email protected] by 5pm on the Wednesday of each week.

Full results


Arena 1 – Intro ‘A’- Judge: Fran Warden

Nicky Nesbitt riding Ringfort India in the 1m SJ

Shane McKeever, KHS Impact

Nicky Nesbitt, Carrickview Saratoga

Janice Reddy, Izzy

Anna Beattie, Phoenix

Anne MacOscar, Russell

Janice Reddy, Cracker

Zara Smyth riding Killucan Boy in the 90cm XC

Arena 1 – Intro ‘B’- Judge: Martina McKinley

Caitie Slater, Tango

Margaret Creighton, La-Di-Da

Amy Steele, Big Adventure

4= Jon Champion, Orbi and Anya Teuton, Lisrua Star

6 Sharon McKeever, Cosmic Rollo

Arena 2 –Pre Novice ‘A’- Judge: Will McAuley

Jenny Nixon, Harley

Nichola Wray, Lady Grey

Heather Hillen, Flynn

Ben Stevenson, Tiny

Ellen McDonald, Tooreen Boy

Jane Allen-Collins, Lougherne Inspired

Arena 2 –Pre Novice ‘B’- Judge: Will McAuley

Nicola Martin, Butter

Margaret Creighton, La-Di-Da

Lois Thompson, Watson

Laura McKillan, Jude

Hollie Donnan, Killoughter Nugget

Hannah Blakely, Silver Button

Arena 3 –Novice - Judge: Angeline Nicholson

Denis Currie, Arodstown Aramis

Ellen McDonald, Dante Alighieri

3= Olivia Johns, Lagan’s Peter and Lynne Tennis, Dowdstown Dancer and Lois Thompsdon, KC

6 Charlotte Keers, Western Ocala

Arena 3 – Intermediate: Angeline Nicholson

Alex Houston, Echo

Hannah Blakely, Clerkson

Denis Currie, Arodstown Aramis

Hannah Blakely, Lougherne Quintessential

Showjumping (double clears)


Grace Harney, Polo, Amy Robinson, Marty, Ross Graham, Zuloo, Lynn Tennis, Dowdstown Dancer, Toby Fynn, Dex


Megan Mullan, Donnie, Grace Kehoe, Daisy, Sasha Woods, Phoenix, Heather Hillen, Flynn, Kathryn Henderson, Betty, Evan Hobson, Promise Me, Emma Jackson, Polo, Rebecca Fletcher, Barnabus, Kaitie McCann, Ronaldo, Molly O’Connor, Rossfab Runaway, Cathryn Harrison, Silver, Caroline Crossan, Ronnie, Abby Brown, Holiday Little Buzz, Sylvia Henry, Ben, Niamh Allen-Collins, Cathryn O’Hanlon, Thomas, Orla Cussack, Magic Diamond, Marina Stewart, Troy


Emma Jackson, Harvey, Kirsty Bates, CHE Banoffee French, Chloe Lister-Tinsley, Drakes Island, Lucy Arthur, Bel Cavallo, Caitie Slater, Tango, Jon Champion, Orbie, Denise Kelly, Lily, Simone Leathem, Jedward, Bernadette Curry, Teo’s Chance, Sophie Cowan, Temple Quick Step, Sarah Morrow, Silver Boy, Nicola Martin, Butter, Megan Carson, Fair and Square, Lara McRobb, Cheska, Ava Stubbs, Stormbrook Tosca, Amy Steele, Big Adventure


Charlotte Marshall, Belle, Stephen Martin, Butterscotch Major, Justine Lyons, Turbo, Garvin Duffy, Pinecroft Excaliber, Charlotte Keers, Western Ocala, Emma Jackson, Olaf, Nicole Lawther, DJ, Craig Hills, Lougherne Quickstep, Christina Turley, Ann’s Bob, Jessica Nelson, Young Taipan, Jackson Laing, Oakwood Tango, Maurice Bingham, Swatchy, Emma Leathen, Drumcill, Felicity Johnston, Milly, Rachel Rooney, Ardnacashel Autumn, Nicky Nesbitt, Ringfort India, Hannah Morrow, My Good Thyne Girl, Nikki Cullen, Danske Coevers Lass, Helen Cunningham, Gabby, Nikki Cullen, Tango Lad


David O’Connor, Queenie, Emma Jackson, Amy, Gemma Chambers, Blueoak Harry, Emily Corbett, Prada, Matthew Johnston, Jupiter, Connor Savage, Kermit, Nicky Corr, Milo


No double clears

Cross country (clear rounds)


Conor Savage, Kilmore Diamond Lass, Oliver Kinnear, Harvey, Alex Greer, Phoenix Spark, Heather Hillen, Flynn, Kathryn Henderson, Wendy, Molly O’Connor, Rushfife Runaway, Arlene Greenaway, Warrior Bob, Anya Nixon, Badger, Clare Abbott, Arthur, Grace Kehoe, Daisy, Lucy Donnan, Pippin, Lauren McGlennon, Mossy, Kristen Kleinman, Tirrella Diamond, Amy Roberts, Horse, Amy Steele, Big Adventure, Lynsey Barnett, Heidi


Bernadette Curry, Teo’s Chance, Rhonda Hall, Pyper, Sharon Riddell, Stella, Ben Cousins, Broughshane Boy, Maurice Bingham, Swatchie, Sophie Morrow, Silver Boy, Anya Teuton, Lisrua Star, Eithne O’Hanlon, Sam, Nikki Corr, Milo, Jordana Busby, Misty, Alex Turley, Ann’s Bob, Janie Cairns, Ellie, Nicole McClements, TJ, Ward Clarke, Horse, Nicky Nesbitt, Carrickview Saratoga, Laura Grieves, Harry, Bethany Smith, Dun Surprise, Andrew Napier, Harley, Erin Mathieson, Freddy, Rosie Heron, Frolly, Nicky Corr, Armpit, Kirsty Bates, Banoffee, Nicky Corr, Beni, Simone Leathem, Jedward


Kat Butler-Ward, The Spin Doctor, Stephen Martin, Butterscotch Major, Chloe Harrison, Paradise Cavalier, Janie Cairns, Charlie, Nihola Wray, Lady Grey, Claire Liddle, Molly, Nikki Cullen, Danske Coevers Lass, Nikki Cullen, Tango Lad, Ellie Parkhill, Mac, Terry Smith, Frankie, Ralph Robinson, Powder Day, Ava Stubbs, Stoney, Yvonne Whiteside, Bambi, Janie Cairns, Ava, Nicky Corr, Tom, Grace Keogh, Fifty Shades of Grey