BDS events at Ballynahinch and Cultra

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BDS Ballynahinch Show (Area Show - organised by Northern Ireland Branch-British Driving Society) took place on Saturday, May 20, in the Langley Road Recreation Ground, Magheraknock Road, Ballynahinch, commencing at 11am.

The judge chosen from the British Driving Society Panel of Judges was Mr. Gary Docking (England) Ring Steward Mr. Neil Weir, stewards Mr. Paul King, Mr. John Mac Aleenan, Mr. Eugene Larkin, Mr. Mervyn Ward, Mr. Robert Strain. Mr. Graham Smyth, Mr. David Newell and Louis Orr.

Concours d’elegance was judged by Mr. John Powell. The Show Director Mrs. Liz Kelly-Ward, Health and Safety Officer Mr. John Powell, and Margaret Carlisle Hon. Organisers wish to thank sponsors Pipeline Services, Doagh Equestrian, (Ballyclare) C. Agnew Recovery Services, (Doagh, Ballyclare) F.P. McCann Quarries and Margaret Carlisle.

The Champion of the ‘In Hand’ Class, Exercise Vehicles Class, Private Driving and Hackney Driving Classes received gifts of crystal sponsored by Margaret Carlisle.


Champion of ‘In Hand’ Class: ‘Budore James’ shown by James Cleland

Reserve Champion: ‘Rosehall Alexander’ owned by John Weir jnr. Ballyclare

Champion Exercise Vehicles: Wallace Shaw driving ‘Clarvalley Jewel’

Reserve Champion: Mrs. Joanne McConnell driving ‘Moneygore Dapple’

Champion Private Driving Classes: David Bailie driving Jonathan Carduff’s ‘Zatinka ‘M’ to a Laughton Gig

Reserve Champion: Karen Dalzell driving ‘Heartland Elmo’

Champion Hackney Horse/Pony to a Showwagon: Joe Cleland ‘Glenshane Dandy’

Reserve Champion: Damien Sloan ‘Heartland Elmo’

Concours D’ Elegance winner: John Weir jnr. driving ‘Rosehall Alexander’ to a Butcher’s Cart received the William Alexander Memorial Perpetual Challenge Cup


Class (1) In hand: ‘Budore James’ from the Cleland Stables, Hannahstown: 2nd John Weir jnr. ‘Rosehall Alexander’: 3rd ‘Budore Joseph’ from the Cleland Stables.

Class (2) Novice Horse /Pony driven to a suitable Vehicle won by Jonathan Carnduff (Millisle) driving seven year old ‘Franko’ to an Event Vehicle: 2nd Deborah Armstrong ‘Clarvalley Sunbeam’: 3rd Fred Brodie (Crossgar) ‘Paddy’

Class (3) Exercise Vehicle under 13.2 hands won by Wallace Shaw driving ‘Clarvalley Sunbeam’: 2nd Joanne McConnell ‘Moneygore Dapple’: 3rd John Weir ‘Milltown Boy’

Class (4) Single non Hackney type (excluding Reg. Welsh) driven to a suitable Traditional Type Vehicle won by David Bailie driving Jonathan Carduff’s ‘Zatinka ‘M’ to a Laughton Gig

Class (5) Hackney Horse driven to a show wagon won by Joe Cleland ‘Glenshane Dandy’

Class (6) Hackney Pony driven to a show wagon won by Damien Sloan ‘Heartland Elmo’; 2nd Brian Stewart ‘Chico’

Class (7) Concours D’Elegance Judged by Mr John Powell won by John Weir jnr driving ‘Rosehall Alexander’ put to a Butcher’s Vehicle: 2nd Ruairi Creighton driving ‘Felix’ to a Bread Van: 3rd Deborah Armstrong ‘Clarvalley Sunbeam’

Class (8) Junior whip – judged on the ability of the whip to drive the turnout – won by Ruairi Creighton driving ‘Felix’ Ruairi was presented with the Paddy Power Perpetual Challenge Cup.

Class (9) Lady Whip (judged on the ability of the Lady Whip) won by Karen Dalzell driving ‘Heartland Elmo’: 2nd Deborah Armstrong ‘Clarvalley Sunbeam’

Class (10) Light Trade won by John Weir jnr. driving ‘Rosehall Alexander’ to a Butcher’s Cart: 2nd Ruairi Creighton ‘Felix’ to a Bread van

Class (11) Heavy Trade Class John McDermott driving ‘Poppy’ a Clydesdale to a varnished Dray.

St. John’s Ambulance was in attendance. Mrs. Celine Larkin fulfilled the duties of catering hostess. Hot food van supplied by ‘Mr. Munchies’.

The marquee was supplied and erected by Ballynahinch Lions Club.

The chairman and office bearers of the Northern Ireland Branch – British Driving Society would like to thank all those who helped in any way to make the day successful.

Ulster Folk and Transport museum

Members of the Northern Ireland Branch – British Driving Society enjoyed 27th May 2017 at an Invitation Drive of Traditional Type Vehicles at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Cultra, Co. Down.

After morning coffee and scones Dr. Mark Kennedy (Curator) and Mr. Robert Berry (Farm Manager) took the group on a tour of the museum’s collection of horse drawn vehicles.

Those who participated in the drive through the country lanes of the museum were nine year old Mia Smyth driving 10 year old ‘Rockie’ – a Shetland pony - harnessed to a Bellcrown Vehicle. Grandfather Robert Smyth (Comber) was groom. Mia also rides ‘Rockie’ and has now learnt to drive him under tuition from her grandfather.

Denis O’Neill (Belfast) with groom Carol Stamp drove a 12 year old Hackney Pony ‘Bold as Brass’ to a four wheel American Phaeton.

John Weir jnr. (Ballyclare) harnessed ‘Rosehall Alexander’ – a seven year old Cob to a Butcher’s Cart. John Weir snr. was Groom.

Mervyn Ward (Ballyward, Co. Down) yoked of Welsh Cobs ‘Fred’ and ‘Navigator’ to a wagonette with David Mathers and Neil Weir as grooms and passenger John Powell.

Saintfield man Lindsay Hanna with groom Nigel Strain drove a pair of Welsh Cobs ‘Caleb’ and Josh’ to a Victoria built in the early 1900s. His passengers were Jacqueline Powell and Margaret Carlisle (N.I.B. BDS Hon. Secretary/Area Commissioner)

Ruairi Creighton (Saintfield) with grandfather Jimmy Creighton harnessed ‘Felix’ an Irish Cob to a London Trolley which was restored in 2005 by Gordon Cahoon, Sion Mills.

Jonathan Carnduff (Millisle) groom Benny McAuley drove ‘Franko’ a seven year old ‘Dutch Warm Blood’ to a four-wheel vehicle built by ‘Romback of Achem’.

John McDermott (Newtownabbey) yoked a pair of Clydesdale Horses ‘Sam’ and ‘Alex’ to Bottle Dray. The Harness with silver mounts and silver lamps completed the turnout. The Clydesdale horses are used daily to work on the farm and are broken to be ridden. Scott Hanna was groom.

Members of the Northern Ireland Branch-British Driving Society convey sincere thanks to the Curator Dr. Mark Kennedy, farm manager Robert Berry and staff of the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum for their kind invitation, hospitality and hard work in organising this event which was appreciated by all who took part.