BDS in harness and TREC fun day

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BDS in harness training and TREC (fun day) will be held on 23 August 2015 at Pele Equestrian Ltd., 56 Lisbane Road, Saintfield, Co Down BT24 7BT commencing at 2pm (sharp).

The event is being organised by Mrs Liz Kelly-Ward, area commissioner Northern Ireland Branch, British Driving Society, and hopes to be a fun day for all.

The event will be split into sections with horses under 13.2 hands driven to a 2 wheel vehicle and under 13.2 hands driven to a 4 wheel vehicle - over 13.2 hands driven to a 2 wheel vehicle and over 13.2 hands driven to a 4 wheel vehicle.

The harness and vehicle must be in sound condition and fit the pony/horse. The Harness and vehicle are the responsibility of the Whip. The horse must be fit and over 4 years old.

The classes are Presentation, Skill Test and Cone course – with an overall winner at the end of the event.

A Junior Whip under 14 years participating must wear a Safety Hat.

First Aid and Catering will be on site.

If competitors have a query please get in touch with Liz or Margaret.

Why not book your entry by telephoning Margaret 02892665893 or Liz 02840671318. Entry forms must be completed prior to or on the day of the event).