Busy end to year for Mossvale

Friday night cup winners Ryan Boville, Laura brown and Sophie Price
Friday night cup winners Ryan Boville, Laura brown and Sophie Price
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THE last two weeks of December proved busy for everyone associated with Mossvale Equestrian Centre.

Results of Horse and Pony jumping held on Monday, December 17.

Jump-off class: 1st, Robbie, Sonia Walker; 2nd, Pippa, Victoria Boville; 3rd, Rocky, Rebekah Houston; 4th, Dan, Caroline Black; 5th, Trooper, Davy Reain; 6th, Soda, Jasmine Kirk.

One round Speed: 1st Bob, Yvonne Whiteside; 2nd Robbie, Sonia Walker; 3rd Dan, Caroline Black.

Results of Pony jumping held on Friday, December 21.

Cross Poles: 1st= Sparky, Laura McClelland drew the trophy; Juno, Aaron Dougan; Dandy, Shannon Boville; Jack, Sasha Carberry; Indy, Jamie Kelly.

40cm: No result

50cm: 1st= Colour Confusion, Eva Kerton drew the trophy; Benji, Amy Dougan.

60cm: 1st= Jaffa Cake, Noah Brown drew the trophy; Another Chance, Kerry Magill; Jonty, Laura Brown; Harvey, Katie Bell.

70cm: 1st= Harvey, Katie Bell drew the trophy; Jaffa Cake, Noah Brown; Jim, Ellie Humphries; Rosie, Ellie Humphries; Sweet William, Sophie Price; Barney, Laura Brown; Another Chance, Kerry Magill.

80cm: No result
Results of Pony jumping held on Friday, December 28

Cross Poles: 1st, Sox, Chloe Agnew won the trophy.

40cm: 1st= Dandy, Shannon Boville drew the trophy; Nano, Olivia Lutton.

50cm: 1st, Toffee, Ryan Boville won the Mossvale Trophy; 2nd, Nano, Emma Lutton; 3rd, Sparkle, Naomi Reain.

60cm: 1st, Jonty, Laura Brown won the Harry Moore Trophy; 2nd, Jaffa Cake, Noah Brown; 3rd, Ellie, Edmund Whiteside; 4th, Nano, Emma Lutton; also double clear; Scoobie, Anna Brown.

70cm: 1st, Sweet William, Sophie Price won the Pop N Jay Cup; 2nd, Scoobie, Anna Brown; 3rd, Mr Jinks, Dylan Ward; 4th, Jonty, Laura Brown; also double clear; Sweet Briar Sky, Katie Slater; Barney, Laura Brown; Phoenix, Cheridan Andrews.

80cm: 1st= Indiana Jones, Connor McClory drew the trophy; Little Miss Rock Chick, Katie Slater; Mr Jinks, Dylan Ward.