Charity is real winner at Meadows

Teams, 1st, Newbridge Integrated Hannah Chambers and Lisnavara Lulu, Indie Forseith and Forest view Denally Joy, Gemma Chambers and Lisnavara Lady, Mia Mcdowell and Imps Girl.)
Teams, 1st, Newbridge Integrated Hannah Chambers and Lisnavara Lulu, Indie Forseith and Forest view Denally Joy, Gemma Chambers and Lisnavara Lady, Mia Mcdowell and Imps Girl.)

The Meadows Equestrian Centre was the venue for an Inter-schools’ Showjumping Charity Show in aid of Action Cancer and ASHA, a project working with under privileged children in India.

Sophie Buller, one of RSA pupils going on the humanitarian mission in the summer, was on hand with a superb squad of helpers to ensure that the event ran efficiently.

Both arenas were in operation throughout the day and, thankfully, the sun shone making it a most enjoyable day for everyone.

Action got underway in Arena 1 with the Novice Team competition where the standard was extremely high. At the end of the initial two rounds it was the team from New Bridge Integrated who claimed the red rosettes and the beautiful Equestrian Store Saddlecloths. Moira came a very close second, just over two seconds adrift.

The open team class was won in fine style by a very ‘on form’ team from Down High who were the only quartet to finish on a zero score ahead of Ballymena Academy and Drumragh Integrated who each completed on a score of twelve.

As always, the Open Individual competition was a pleasure to watch. The pathfinder, Tabytha Bonar partnering Bella Bambino, delivered a double clear in a blistering time which proved impossible to overtake. Coming closest was Ciara Malcolmson with Tyrone Molly who finished a whisker behind.

The finale in Arena 1 Was the Premier Individual set at 1.10m. The winner here was Ballymena Academy’s Tori Surgenor on Bonny followed closely by Charis Vinaccia of Down High on Derry Mac.

Meanwhile Arena 2 began the day with the delightful Primary School Teams where the honours went to the Mighty Midgets followed by Saintfield Academy Primary School, the only two teams to finish on a zero score.

Megan Nelson from the winning team made it a double by also winning the Novice Individual competition, almost one second ahead of fellow team member Simone Leathem and Willow with another team member, Gillian Grogan slotting into third on Heaven Sent.

The final class in Arena 2 was Novice Individual where Beth Boone sailed to victory on board Dooneen Starlight ahead of Sarah Clarke on Sunrise.

Sarah also picked up another award- that of Top Fundraiser so a special award went her way.

Overall the day raised £1700 for the chosen charities. A huge thank you goes to The Meadows Equestrian Centre for the use of their excellent facilities.

Thank you to Jan Dewhurst for her excellent hospitality and to all helpers on the day.

Best wishes go to Sophie Buller and her fellow pupils as they embark on their very worthwhile work in India.

Full Results

Arena 1

Novice Team

1. Newbridge Integrated (Hannah Chambers, Lisnavarragh Lou Lou, Indie Forsythe, Sue, Gemma Chambers, Lisnavarragh Lady, Mya McDowell, Imps Girl); 2. Moira PS (Daniel Moore, Harvey, Connie Crothers, Summer Island Charlie, Sarah Moore, Harvey, Connie Crothers, Buddy); 3. Ballymena Academy (Jamie-Lee Mark, April Shadow, Ellen Harkness, Keno, Sarah McNabney, Ballygannon Colour Flight, Courtney Hamilton, Buddy); 4. Antrim Grammar (Morgan Skillen, Mayo, Jodie Creighton, Hawk Eye, Sammie McMullan, See Me Fly, Morgan Skillen, Dove); 5. Methodist College (Aimee Roscoe, JD Little Problem, Anna Lyons, Rafa, Holly Robinson, Delvin Spring Breeze, Samantha Edgar, Ballinderry KJ); 6. Ballymena Academy Red (Charlotte Wylie, Paco, Zoe Dickey, Danny, William Hamilton, Jonty, Sarah Wylie)

Open Team: 1. Down High (Charis Vinaccia, Derry Mac, Rachel Lambe, Grace, Charlotte Leslie, Da Vinci, Tilly Horder, Duke); 2. Ballymena Academy (Tori Surgenor, Taz, Rachel Fullerton, Zeffy, Sarah Wylie, Snowy, Tori Surgenor, Bonny); 3. Drumragh Integrated ( Kyra Gilmour, Windsor, Rachel McGinn, Belle, Nicholas Bothwell, Kee Kee

Open Individual: 1. Tabytha Bonar, Bella Bambino; 2. Clara Malcolmson, Tyrone Molly; 3. Sarah McNabney, Ballygannon Colour Flight; 4. Hugo Berthalon, Cally; 5. Jessica. nekton, Beauty; 6. Josh Mark, Leo

Premier Individual: 1. Tori Surgenor, Bonny; 2. Charis Vinaccia, Derry Mac; 3. Tilly Horder, Duke; 4. Anna Lyons, Rafa; 5. Annabelle Heffron, Double Trouble; 6. Victoria Boville

Arena 2

Primary Team: 1. The Mighty Midgets (Gillian Grogan, Heaven Sent, Simone Leathem, Willow, Shannon Boville, Toffee, Megan Nelson, Flash); 2. Academy Primary Saintfield (Tara Emmett, Charlie, Katie Robinson, Winnie, Dylan Torrens, Little Miss Trouble); 3. Moira Primary School (Sarah Moore, Chester, Daniel Moore, Flash, Connie Crothers, Albus Dumbledore, Benjamin Moore, Poppy); 4. Fullerton House (Niamh Fitzpatrick, Jaffa Cake, Alex Fitzpatrick, Skye Blue, Anna Roscoe, Little Prince Caspian, Niamh Fitzpatrick, Skye Blue); 5. RSA Prep (Katie Haire, Thunder Ba Ba, Victoria Lee, Breeze, Ally Haire, Baby King, Ally Haire, Thunder Ba Ba)

Primary Individual: 1. Megan Nelson, Flash; 2. Simone Leathem, Willow; 3. Gillian Grogan, Heaven Sent; 4. Victoria Lee, Breeze; 5. Felicity Ferris, Sky; 6. Dylan Torrens, Little Miss Trouble

Novice Individual: 1. Beth Boone, Dooneen Starlight; 2. Sarah Clarke, Sunrise; 3. Harry Haire, Hollow Smoke; 4. Jack Scott, Afandou; 5. Charles Heffron, Ballyket Highlander; 6. Kerry Magill, Toffee.