Clare and her Prince are top of their class at Tyrella

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There was great euphoria as the Northern Region eventing season got underway at Tyrella earlier this month. With cancellations and postponements both north and south as well as in Great Britain, it was wonderful that riders were able to get out onto grass on a dry but crispy, cold day.

It was a full capacity occasion with an unfulfilled wait list and both two star classes read like a ‘Who’s Who’ of top class eventing.

All starters in the O/CNC2* class had clear cross country runs but the showjumping scores told a different story. Clare Abbott, riding Cormac McKay’s Olympic horse, Euro Prince, had a podium finish after moving up nine places after dressage, following a lovely clear showjumping round. James O’Haire bounded up fourteen places after keeping all the coloured poles intact, to finish as runner up.

In the CNC2* class, Melanie Young from Maynooth topped the leaderboard with Mary Guinness’s nine year old gelding, Sorbet after they overtook the first phase leader, Sarah Ennis on Cooley Cosmopolitan Diamond who picked up a few more cross country time penalties.

The O/CNC1* saw Emily Corbett create a good impression on home turf with her own Leapfrog who led from the outset, finishing on her dressage score, two points clear of Cahal Daniels and Jo Breheny’s Limmerick mare, LEB Lias Jewel.

One of the largest Horse First CNC1* entries in recent years necessitated a class split. Daragh Byrne from Ratoath took the win in a class where showjumping clears were hard to find. A delighted Abi Carlisle picked up second place with a ‘PB’ dressage result.

In the ‘B’ section Cahal Daniels rose to the fore with Michele Nelson’s home bred gelding, OLS King Aragon, followed by Jim Newsam and Trish Warren’s Hemmingway gelding, Burinex.

The new Junior High Performance Manager, Tom Doherty, is certainly going to have his work cut out for him if this week’s Baileys Horse Feeds CNCJ1* class is an indication of things to come. There were almost 30 starters and leading the field was one of last year’s Individual European representatives, Katie Riley on her fabulous horse, Versace Biscuit. They finished just ahead of Cameron Kiernan Jnr with Fernhill Nearly Darc.

It was a viewing day for the CNCP2* competitors under the watchful eye of Becky Cullen. There were nineteen starters and it was certainly a good day at the office for Isabelle Comerford from Co Kildare who took the top two spots. She won with the very accomplished, Langton’s Choice, just fractionally ahead of Colour Me Fancy.

Denis Currie enjoyed another runaway victory in the CNC1* Amateur class on board Arodstown Aramis with Emily Morris coming in behind on Florida Bud.

The EI 100 Amateur class saw victory going to Lorraine Kennedy from Co Westmeath. She led from start to finish on Major Furisto, followed by Symone Brown and Global Market. Symone also had a fourth placing on Rozel Cool Touch.

Mervyn Gibson’s six year old Ricardo Z gelding, Randalstown Commando, continued to impress this season, claiming the red rosette in the EI100 ‘A’ section under Johnny Mulligan’s command. Michael McNally slipped into second place with Patrick Wall’s five year old gelding, John A. Michael achieved one step higher in the ‘B’ section by taking the win on Maurice Smiddy’s six year old Mr Hale Bob mare, Hale Serena. Bethany Burton, first phase leader had to settle for the runner up spot.

Jennifer Kuehnle from Tullibards Stud in Laois made her journey worthwhile with victory in the EI 100J class with Carol Gee’s Van Gogh gelding, Deauville Beekhoeve. Caitie Slater slotted into second place on board Declan Cullen’s stallion, Glenhill Gold. Ponies were out in force in the EI 90 class where Chloe Fagan left no one in any doubt about her intentions, having led from the outset on Carol Gee’s piebald mare, Mix and Match.

Alex Byrne also put in a very creditable performance by taking second place with Forest Lodge Rambler.

Clare Steele, riding Kerry Parkhill’s six year old Porsch mare, Elsa Carsonstown, finished on their dressage score to take the win in the EI90 ‘A’ ahead of Lucy McIlroy on Imperial Black Pearl. The ‘B’ section was very deservedly won by Chloe Lister-Tinsley with George Stewart’s five year old piebald mare, Lady Jamie who also kept a clean sheet, finishing on their dressage score, over two points ahead of Maillaidh Magee and Dakota Cruise.

Christina Turley put in a great performance in the EI90 Amateur class to win with Ann’s Bob, having just started eventing at the end of last season. They were the only combination in the class to finish on their first phase mark. Victoria Wray took second place with Uncle Ben, again having just made their eventing debut at the end of last year.

There was a very excited group of pony riders in the EI90 class waiting their turn to go cross country. The win on this occasion went to twelve year old Anna White on her little cream pony, Beezies Minty, who finished fractionally ahead of Taylor Hunter and Magic Rhythm who was making his second appearance with Eventing Ireland.

Once again Northern Region would like to thank the volunteers who turned out in force to conduct all the duties required to make the event happen.

It is a wonderful tribute to the sport that this army of wonderful workers are prepared to put in the long hours in support of our athletes.

Organisers are also deeply indebted to their sponsors: Baileys Horse Feeds, Horse First, Alex Russell ACPAT Chartered Physiotherapist, Horseworld NI, Lafarge Tarmac, Lightsource Renewable Energy, Metal Technology and Sporting Images whose generosity and support is very much appreciated.


O/CNC2*: 1. Clare Abbott, Euro Prince; 2. James O’Haire, China Doll; 3. Joseph Murphy, Electric Cruise; 4. Sarah Ennis, Shanbo Queen B; 5. Cathal Daniels, Sammy Davis Junior; 6. Joseph Murphy, HL Mrs Imp

CNC2*: 1. Melanie Young, Sorbet; 2. Sarah Ennis, Cooley Cosmopolitan Diamond; 3. Adam Haugh, Jezebelle; 4. Toni Quail, Ringfort Rua; 5. Robbie Kearns, Ballingowan Euphoria; 6. Steven Smith, EMS Florence.

O/CNC1*: 1. Emily Corbett, Leapfrog; 2. Cathal Daniels, LEB Lias Jewel; 3. Neil Morrison, Shannador; 4. Lucca Stubington, Kilcannon Coolguy; 5. Jessica McIntyre, Sergeant Kiki; 6. Trevor Smith, Derryinver Girl.

HORSE FIRST CNC1* ‘A’: 1. Daragh Byrne, Kilcannon Ramiro; 2. Abigail Carlisle, Suirvalley Little Monkey; 3. Charlotte Dixon, Harison; 4. Melanie Wrynn, Milchem Ardeo; 5. Clare Abbott, Jewellent; 6. Charlotte de Montmorency, Wineport Knockout.

HORSE FIRST CNC1* ‘B’: 1. Cathal Daniels, OLS King Aragon; 2. Jim Newsam, Burinex; 3. Catherine Robinson, Excalibur; 4. Trevor Smith, Seducer; 5. Michael McNally, LGS Ladybird; 6. Toni Quail, Wellan Summertime.

BAILEYS HORSE FEEDS CNCJ1*: 1. Katie Riley, Versace Biscuit; 2. Cameron Kiernan Jnr, Fernhill Nearly Darc; 3. Emily McQuade, Bright Side; 4. Herbie Purce, Stan From Meelin; 5. Aimee Roscoe, Ryan’s Cazet; 6. Ben Rowlatt-McCormick, MJI Cabernet.

CNCP2*: 1. Isabelle Comerford, Langtons Choice; 2. Isabelle Comerford, Colour Me Fancy; 3. Holly Love, Cloughreagh Charlie; 4. Olivia Swan, Wilderwood Storm; 5. Katie McKee, Fair Lad; 6. Sadie Keogh, Phoenix Firefly.

CNC1* Amateur: 1. Denis Currie, Arodstown Aramis; 2. Emily Morris, Florida Bud; 3. Holly Mcclenaghan, Miranda; 4. Poppy de Courcy Wheeler, Seapatrick Land Stop.

EI 100 Amateur: 1. Lorraine Kennedy, Major Furisto; 2. Symone Brown, Global Market; 3. Leah Jackson, Gemilly; 4. Symone Brown, Rozel Cool Touch; 5. Dayna Ann Curtis, Cillnabradden Cuig; 6. Mimi Falb, Kilpipe Jewel.

EI100 ‘A’: 1. Johnny Mulligan, Randalstown Commanche; 2. Michael cNally, John A; 3. Adam Haugh, Ballybolger Lionman; 4. Lucca Stubington, Quingenti; 5. Emily Corbett, Meranti; 6. Katie Parker, Midway.

EI 100 ‘B’: 1. Michael McNally, Hail Serena; 2. Bethany Burton, Clearly A Cooley; 3. Camilla Manningham-Buller, Me and You; 4. Eva Melly, Wolf Ardeo Vegas; 5. Declan Cullen, Grand Marnier; 6. Johnny Mulligan, Bright Boy.

EI 100J: 1. Jennifer Kuehnle, Deauville Beekhoeve; 2. Caitie Slater, Glenhill Gold; 3. Patrick Eames, Meko; 4. Katie O’Reilly, Indian Dreamer; 5. Laoise O’Farrell, Miss Cole; 6. Tara Dixon, Smart Boy Jack.

EI 100P: 1. Chloe Fagan, Fernhill Mix & Match; 2. Alex Byrne, Forest Lodge Rambler; 3. Tom Rowlatt McCormick, Mon Amie Tonnerre; 4. Ava Banahan, Regent Des Mauvis; 5. Brian Kuehnle, Rickamore Rafferty; 6. Daniel Meagher, Monroe Lad.