Combinations go clear in Super League

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Week two of Ecclesville’s Showjumping League drew a bumper crowd of competitors who enjoyed Raymond Caldwell’s flowing courses.

This Showjumping League will continue for the next three Friday evenings, commencing at 6.15pm sharp with a 40cms class, followed by 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 1m and 1.10m.

Results from 2 June:

40cm Class (Double Clears): Sophie Cathcart and Sugar; Ceadaoin Currie and Pepper; Tia Patterson and DK.

60cm Class (Double Clears): Willow May and Cassie; Molly Quinn and Rosie; Darragh Donnelly and Blondie; Sarah Sproule and Duke; Mercedes May and Cassie; Caitlin Kelly and Blondie.

70cms (Double Clears): Caitlin Kelly and Blondie; Meloney May and Laddie; Molly Quinn and Rosie; Sarah Boyle and Starry Night; Hannah Jones and Rocket; Jara Hamilton and Joey; Niamh Donnelly and Bluebell; Darragh Donnelly and Blondie; Emily Hopton-Brown and My Lucky Day; Lucy McCann and The Flea 2; Chloe Mitchell and Charlie; Tiana-Grace Abbott and Henry; Sophie Wilson and Vanilla Ice.

80cms (Double Clears): Chloe Mitchell and Charlie; Emma Mooney and Barney; Hannah Jones and Rocket; Freya Sayle and Cody; Niamh Donnelly and Bluebell; Zara-Jane Kelly and Millie; Tiana-Grace Abbott and Rosie; Darragh Donnelly and Blondie; Cara McFadden and Cha Cha; Cormac Taggart and Max; Sophie Wilson and Vanilla Ice; Georgia Crawford and Tom Thumb; Lauren Quigley and Flame in the Wind; Emma Quigley and Perfect Promise; Cara McFadden and Charlie; Tiana-Grace Abbott and Henry; Zara-Jane Kelly and Robin; Freya Sayle and Balford; Jara Hamilton and Joey; Gillian Hynes and Lola.

90cms (Double Clears): Gillian Hynes and Lola; Freya Sayle and Balford; Emma Mooney and Barney; Tiana-Grace Abbott and Henry; Cara McFadden and Charlie; Cormac Taggart and Max; Joan Maxwell and Roxy; Zara Keys and Bracey; Zara-Jane Kelly and Robin; Cara McFadden and ChaCha; Demi-Lee McKenna and Sammy; Hollye Walker and Just Dandy; Stephanie Johnston and Howdy Howard; Chloe Gannon and Amy Lee; Maeve McNally and Chico; Dreena Harron and Cruising Dynamite.

1m (Double Clears): Lynne Russell and Oreo; Clara Daly and Minstrel; Joan Maxwell and Roxy; James Gurney and Dara; Demi-Lee McKenna and Sammy; Stephanie Johnston and Howdy Howard; Chloe Gannon and Amy Lee; Lynne Russell and Flo; Lucia McNamee and Blackjack.

1.10 (Double Clears): Lynne Russell and Flo; Clara Daly and Grey Dream; Ciara Dawson and Ruby; Lynne Russell and Oreo.

Competitors are reminded that the same combination rider/pony must compete in the same class for four out of five weeks to be eligible for prizes on 23 June. If you require any further information on the league or the super league, please contact Ecclesville Centre on 028 82840591.