Combinations target the red ribbons at Ecclesville

Colm McCullagh, Ecclesville Centre and winners of Newcomer Pony Class
Colm McCullagh, Ecclesville Centre and winners of Newcomer Pony Class

The poor weather forecast for Sunday 2 August forced the organisers of the Ecclesville’s one day Summer Show to move indoors. Thankfully the rain did not arrive as expected, and almost 100 competitors competed for the terrific prize fund on offer.

The courses built by Raymond Caldwell resulted in very exciting jump-offs as the pony and horse riders strived to win the red ribbons.

The first jump-off of the day in the 128 Open Class was won by a very speedy Clara Daly and Kilbrean Lad who flew around the course to win by three seconds. The 138 Open red ribbon was won by Rachel Tuohey and Molly. The 148 Open Class was won by Chloe O’Neill and Magic, who posted a very impressive time.

The final class of the day, the Horse Open was a terrific competition with 12 combinations taking on the twisty course. Darren Preston from Strabane was in great form as he picked up both first and second place, with Alice Foster and Jessie J close behind in third place.

A spokesperson said: “The organisers would like to thank the competitors for supporting the Show, to Omagh Equestrian & Countrywear; Farm Feeds; Omagh Fermanagh District Council and AJS Promotions for their generous sponsorship. Thanks also to Raymond Caldwell, course builder, and his team. And to Jennifer Leonard, who assisted in the judge’s box.”


Newcomer Pony Class: 1st = Megan Harris and Bonnie; Amy McLaughlin and Danny; Aoife McCrystal and Dandy; Ava Stubbs and Freckles; Jessica Baxter and Greenfield Mayflower; Orla Morris and Molly

128 Novice Class (Double Clears): Conor Harris and Moonlight; Nadia Donnelly and Belle; Conor Harris and Wilbur; Tia Smith and Latsie Sunday; Lori Smith and Desi; Amy McLaughlin and Danny; Lucie McNamee and Minnie

128 Open Class: 1st Clara Daly and Kilbreen Lad; 2nd Freya Sayle and Fenaghbeg Ever; 3rd Caoimhe Hegarty and Buster; 4th Nadia Donnelly and Belle; Tia Smith and Latsie Sunday; 6th Lori Smith and Desi

138 Novice Class (Double Clears): Ciara Owens and Spot; Shauneen Gallagher and Tibby; Kamryn McQuade and Midnight Rebel; Rachel Tuohey and Molly; Laura Tuohey and Flash

138 Open Class: 1st Rachel Tuohey and Molly; 2nd Caoimhe Hegarty and Glengesh Champagne; 3rd Freya Sayle and Rossa; 4th Laura Tuohey and Flash; 5th Caoimhe Hegarty and Mr Shamrocker; 6th Kamryn McQuade and Midnight Rebel

148 Novice Class (Double Clears): Holly Walker and Just Dandy; Chloe O’Neill and Magic; Brooklyn Edwards and Katy

148 Open Class: 1st Chloe O’Neill and Magic; 2nd Julianna Harte and Freddie; 3rd Hollye Walker and Just Dandy

Newcomer Horse Class (Double Clears): Gillian Hynes and Faith; Isobel Bell and Georgie’s Girl; Amanda Barr and Izzy; Natasha Gilchrist and Botera Lad

Novice Horse Class (Double Clears): Mandy McQuade and Rosie; Hazel Shortt and Sunset Glory; Amanda Barr and Izzy; Joanne Wilson and Castle Blaze; Amy Quinn and Rosie; Jeni Lyons and Katie; Jade McClafferty and London Gem; Nicola McDermott and Morgan; Enda Friel and Bob; Darren Preston and Diamond Hill Ginger; Louise Early and Pilgrim’s Promise; Kyra Crawford and Proud to be Mylie; Dawn McAllister and Stevie; Alice Foster and Jessie J; Natasha Gilchrist and Botera Lad; Isobel Bell and Georgie’s Girl; Darren Preston and Jet 2

Open Horse Class: 1st Darren Preston and Jet 2; 2nd Darren Preston and Diamond Hill Ginger; 3rd Alice Foster and Jessie J; 4th Dawn McAllister and Stevie; Mandy McQuade and Rosie; Jade McClafferty and London Gem

Ecclesville Centre will be starting a five week Showjumping league on Friday 14 August at 6.15pm, with a 40cm class followed by 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 1m and 1.10 classes.

For further information contact Sandra on 07990541966.