Competitors step up to take on novelty event

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What a fun afternoon the Novelty 3 Phase proved to be once again at Laurel View at the end of November.

This competition is still proving to be a well-kept secret with a small but dedicated following. Competitors will have to be encouraged to spread the word to let some other competitors in on the action.

Competitors tried to pick up as few faults as possible in the obstacle dressage and throughout the Le Trec Challenge and then went as quickly as they could when they dashed agilely round the barrels.

When the penalty points and times were all placed together it was the Wizard of Oz and Sophie Winn who found themselves in first place of the 14 years and under class.

In the 15 years plus rider category it was a very pleased Wendy Forsythe and Tifftarney Clyde that took the top spot.

Well done to all the competitors for giving the Novelty 3 Phase a go so enthusiastically.

There is no date set at this stage for a repeat of this competition, but keep watching and while you are online check out the many other activities that are on the calendar.

To find out from the horse’s mouth give the office a ring on 028 9083 0649.

Novelty 3 Phase

14 yrs & under: 1st Wizard of Oz, Sophie Winn, 71.48; 2nd Chief, Cora McNulty, 77.96; 3rd Guinness, Niamh Sloan, 78.05; 4th Bruno, Chloe Baxter, 80.15; 5th Fitz, Katy Clarke, 82.36; 6th Silver, Chloe Kincaid, 87.60.

15 yrs+: 1st Tifftarney Clyde, Wendy Forsythe, 48.05; 2nd Penny, Allen Andrews, 70.33; 3rd Jonathan, Natasha Lowry, 73.10; 4th Silly Sally, Katie McDonnell, 78.45; 5th Lass, Bronte Reid, 112.77.