Competitors turn out at Knockagh View despite the poor weather

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The penultimate week of Knockagh View Equestrian Centre’s working hunter league didn’t have the weather on its side. Despite the horrendous weather conditions competitors still came out to qualify for the Northern Ireland Festival and Equifestival.

The final of the working hunter league takes place on Sunday 22nd March. This is open to everyone with the usual classes having qualifying cards up for grabs.

Horses start at 10am and ponies approx 1.30pm, there are a full range of classes to suit everyone.

For full schedule visit the website or contact Scott on 07788 203 076 or Ruth on 07732 809 188.


60cms WH: 1st, Leeann Radcliffe, Inca

70cms WH: 1st, Claire McFarland, Scooby; 2nd, Victoria White, Temple Bui; 3rd, Suzanne Glenn, Twiggy; 4th, Eileen O’Boyle, Noodles

Small WH: 1st, Sonia Kinear, Ballymurphy; 2nd, Jordan Patterson, Rosina Breeze; 3rd, Clare Mcfarland, Scooby; 4th, Megan Norton, Hatti; 5th, Zoe Bell, Heffrons Half Pint; 6th, Suzanne Glenn, Twiggy

80cm WH: 1st, Zoe Bell, Heffrons Half Pint; 2nd, Sonia Kinear, Ballymurphy; 3rd, Miriam Wright, The Castletown Lad; 4th, Victoria White, Temple Bui; 5th, Barry McCormack, Stavross; 6th, Kerry Shaw, Blank Engy Boy

90cms: 1st, Kerry Shaw, Blank Engy Boy

1M: 1st, Bianca McIlnea, Rosso Tromonto; 2nd, Nicole Billings, Amber

30cms WHP: 1st, Ruby Meldrum, St Johnstur Super Ploom; 2nd, Clondagh Brady, Sweetwall Pepper; 3rd, Jodie Dalton, I believe in fairies

50cms WHP: 1st, Ellie Johnston, Dapple

60cms WHP: 1st, Ellie Johnston, Dapple

80cms WHP: 1st, Courtney Gowdy, Freddo

90cms WHP: 1st, Olivia Shaw, Sundial Cuddy.