Dean and Annie take 1m honours

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THERE were plenty of nice prizes on offer for the final night of the Christmas League held at Mackenzie’s Equestrian Centre, Randalstown.

As usual, first up was the Cross Poles where Kimberley Cotton on Dante was the league winner.

The 30cms class saw Jamie Cotton, Lydia McLeister and Brooke Davis all jumping well, as did Rebecca Milliken, Florence Mulholland, and Leah McLeister in the 45–50cms.

Winners in the 60-70cms included Florence Mulholland, Leah McLeister, Beth Boone and Rebecca Halliday, while Beth and Rebecca were the top two in the 80cms.

The 90cms class was won by Mikie Mackenzie, with Ben Peppert second, while Dean Cotton jumped well in the 1metre class.


Cross Poles: Kimberly Cotton, Dante; Emily Ward, Socks; Callum McVeigh, Lady

30 cms: Jamie Cotton, Dante; Brooke Davis, Poppy; Lydia McLeister, Joe

45-50 cms: Leah McLeister, Crabbswood Comet; Rebecca Milliken, Archie; Florence Mulholland, Whisper; Sophie Lyttle, Delilah

60-70 cms: Beth Boone, Angel; Rebecca Halliday, Lucy; Florence Mulholland, Whisper; Mikie Mackenzie, Bubbles

80cms: 1, Beth Boone, Angel; 2, Rebecca Halliday, Lucy; Whitney Ross, Rosco; Caitlin Foster, Bobby; Mikie Mackenzie, Shadow

90cms: Mikie Mackenzie, Saphy; Ben Peppert, Duchess; Mikie Mackenzie, Spinnelli; Beth Boone, Angel

1m: Dean Cotton, Annie.