Demo planned for Strule Valley

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Strule Valley Riding Club is holding a demo by Carrie Townsend, Equine Sports Therapist, on Thursday, October 15, at the RDA, Arvalee, Omagh commencing at 7pm.

Everyone is very welcome to come along, both members and non-members, and an admission fee of £5 will be charged for non-members which includes supper.

The Annual General Meeting will take place straight after the demo at approximately 8pm.

The Dolly Mixture Shield will be awarded to the member who has attended the most riding club events/lessons throughout the year. Again everyone is very welcome to attend.

Members continue their lessons this month with Mandi King in the form of polework. Please book with Alison if interested. A ride from Gortnagarn to Gortin is also planned for Saturday, October 10, as part of the newly formed ‘Join us Up’.

Dressage training with Dale Roberts is planned for the start of November. This is also open to members of other riding clubs, so if interested please book with Alison. Gridwork training with Mandi King is on the schedule for November also. Again if interested please book with Alison.

New members aged 18+ are welcome to join and horses must be four years+ to come to riding club.

Contact Alison Donnell, Secretary on 82 246652 for a membership form. Keep up to date with the club on the Facebook page.