Double delight for Jill and Hanne at Knockagh

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The first leg of Knockagh View’s Summer dressage league took place recently, and while the weather was temperamental judges Martina McKinley and Ivor Harper enjoyed watching some lovely combinations strut their stuff.

Jill Hobson and her horse Hanne claimed a double by winning both the intro and the prelim classes. Lisa Dundee also had a super day winning Novice class on Tanna and being joint first on Fred in prelim 12 with Rachel Ferris and her racehorse Nanaimo.

The next leg of the dressage league takes place on Sunday, June 11. To enter text Ruth on 07732 809 188. Full details of tests are available on the website


Class 1 – Intro A: 1st, Jill Hobson, Hanne; 2nd, Francesca McConell, Bits and Pieces; 3rd, Claudia Marshall, Woody; 4th, Judith Hughes, Chiana; 5th, Jamie Baker, Multi Credit; 6th, Emma Blair, Ash Hill Smoothie.

Class 2 – Prelim 1: 1st, Jill Hobson, Hanne; 2nd, Rachel Ferris, Nanaimo; 3rd, Lisa Dundee, Fred; 4th, Claudia Marshall, Woody; 5th, Helen Meldrum, Bally Captain; 6th, Mandy Gillespie, Ash Hill Smoothie.

Class 3 – Prelim 12: =1st, Lisa Dundee, Fred and Rachel Ferris, Nanaimo; 3rd, Emma Wallace, Trooper; 4th, Michelle Strange, Quaity Galore; 5th, Megan Norton, Bits and Pieces; 6th, Helen Meldrum, Bally Captain.

Class 4 – Novice 24: 1st, Lisa Dundee, Tanna; 2nd, Louise Spence, Maverick; 3rd, Nadine McClelland, Lucey.

Class 5 – Elementary 44: 1st, Elaine Morrow, Ardenza Gem; 2nd, Nicky Nesbitt, India; 3rd, Lisa Dundee, Tanna; 4th, Ian Gault, Mull on the Run.