Double delight for Joanne and Quarryhill Calypso

Denis Currie riding Arodstown Aramis, clear in the 1m XC
Denis Currie riding Arodstown Aramis, clear in the 1m XC

Spring was definitely in the air at The Meadows for the sixth leg of the Baileys Horse Feeds Flexi Eventing series, writes Dora Beacom.

Make no mistake, that is not just a reference to the fact that we were honoured, once again, to have Jeremy Spring from England to judge and coach over the weekend, but a sign that the weather gods were in our favour.

Johnny Mulligan riding Dior, clear in the 90cm XC

Johnny Mulligan riding Dior, clear in the 90cm XC

There were increased entries this week in both show jumping and cross country so those phases continued well after the three dressage arenas had completed.

It was déjà vu at the top of the Intro ‘A’ class where Co Meath Veterinary Surgeon, Robbie Collins, repeated his performance in week one with Dunrath Navigator, picking up a score of 76%. This five year old gelding by the British thoroughbred, Lester Lad, out of Cruise Over Clover by Cruising, has shown very consistent form on all of his Flexi outings and also managed double clears in both jumping phases.

Coming in just over one point behind was last week’s winner, Nicky Nesbitt with her very special Crosstown Dancer mare, Carrickview Saratoga. Also rising above the 70 % benchmark was first timer Rachel McKimmon with Jasper and Lucy Toombs with Suzie who slotted into third and fourth places respectively.

Meantime, in the ‘B’ section Grace O’Shaughnessy, from Dundalk shared the spoils with Lucca Stubington and Xavier Green.

Grace has been in the runner up spot for the last two weeks so was delighted to get top marks this time round with her twelve year old gelding, Cooper.

Lucca is also no stranger to top placings, having featured on all of her recent outings and has plans to event this horse by Shutterfly out of Ethos in the upcoming season.

Lucinda Webb-Graham reserved her finest comments and top marks of 77.8% for last week’s winner, Joanne Jarden riding her nine year old Rockrimmon Senator mare, Quarryhill Calypso who, incidently, also won the Novice class. Second in the strong Pre Novice class of thirty four was Jenny Nixon, partnering her seven year old gelding, Harley who has also featured highly in previous weeks.

Taking second to Joanne Jarden in the Jeremy Spring judged Novice class for the second week in succession was Lucy Hanna with her homebred gelding, Maverick who obtained a very impressive score of 74%.

Jeremy also judged the much smaller Intermediate class where he was most impressed by Lucca Stubington with Quingenti, her ten year old gelding by September Storm who was a double runner up in the top two classes last week proving the consistency of these partnerships week after week.

It was very encouraging and reassuring to hear the judges commenting so positively on the quality of performance and the turn out of combinations at this series of Flexi Eventing.

Once again the show jumping and cross country courses received widespread praise in terms of variety and technicality meaning that competitors and horses are receiving a top class education at all levels.

Sincere thanks to all our course designers, judges, scribes, arena parties, call up stewards, office staff and scorers who work tirelessly to ensure everything runs seamlessly.

Huge thanks also goes to Judy Maxwell of Baileys Horse Feeds for her continued sponsorship, support and advice at all these shows.

Full Results


Arena 1- Intro ‘A’ – Judge Sally Hodgkinson: 1, Robbie Collins, Drumrath Navigator; 2, Nicky Nesbitt, Carrickview Saratoga; 3, Rachel McKimmon, Jasper; 4, Lucy Toombs, Suzie; 5, David O’Connor, Quinn; 6, Anna Roscoe, Dakota.

Arena 1- Intro ‘B’ – Judge Martina McKinley: 1= Grace O’Shaughnessey, Cooper & Lucca Stubington, Xavier Green; 3= David O’Connor, Fifi & Shane McKeever, KHS Impact; 5, Suzi McClean, Simba; 6, Solveig Simms, Sara.

Arena 2 – Pre Novice – Judge Lucinda Webb-Graham: 1, Joanne Jarden, Quarryhill Calypso; 2, Jenny Nixon, Harley; 3= Neil Morrison, Diane & Connie Crothers, Estella Great Expectations; 5, Maeve Lunney, Okee Dokey; 6, Emily Corbett, Teddy.

Arena 3 – Novice - Judge Jeremy Spring: 1, Joanne Jarden, Quarryhill Calypso; 2, Lucy Hanna, Maverick; 3, Justine Harding, Charissma; 4, Denis Currie, Arodstown Aramis; 5, Tori Dixon, Arnie; 6, Nicky Nesbitt, Ringfort India

Arena 3 – Intermediate - Judge Jeremy Spring: 1, Lucca Stubington, Quingenti; 2, Helen Faulkner, Danny; 3, Denis Currie, Arodstown Aramis; 4, Sarah Gilkinson, Lush Upgrade.

Showjumping (double clears)

70cms: Millie Mulvenna, Zulu.

80cms: Victoria Clarke, Jack, Lucy Toombs, Suzie, Katie Clarke, Mulvin Blue Moon, Hannah McKinstry, Dawn, Melissa Tinney, Delilah, Amy Tubman, Connie, Sarah Craig, Jasper.

90cms: Jenny Nixon, Harley, Erin Barlow, Murphy, Grace O’Shaughnessy, Cooper, Keith McDonald, Springburn Shutterfly, Emma Forbes, Holly, Ben Maybin, Maggie, Eabha Mallon, Fragile Dreams.

1m: Connor McClory, Tumble, Sarah Sproule, Ballyneety Rainbow, Tori Jewiss, Charlie, Abby Cummiskey, CSC Apache Dove, Connie Crothers, Estella Great Expectations, Meabh McIlduff, Dalsown Done & Dusted, Neil Morrison, Diane, Heather Graham, Calais, John McEvoy, Jimmy, Andrew Napier, Margie Mac, Sarah Turley, Merlot, David O’Connor, Fifi, Robbie Collins, Dunrath Navigator, Anne Bowe, Autumn Bee, Orlagh Halliday, Elsarco, Victoria Brown, Dunrath Reward, Lara Kelly, Drumcaughey Diamond, Ellen Douglas, Johnny, Zoe Woods, Phoebe.

1.10m: Rose de Montmorency, Frankie, Ben Rowlatt McCormick, MJI Cabernet, Ben Rowlatt-McCormick, Philip, Zoe Woods, Suki, Johnny Mulligan, Cruz, Charlotte Dixon, Ben.

1.20m: Sarah Gilkinson, Lush Upgrade, Holly Boal, Bonmahon Flash, Conor Savage, Teddy, Leah Knight, Patrick.

Cross Country (clear rounds)

80cms: Gareth McClean, Scooby, Maggs Oleszek, Ruby, Katie Clarke, Mulvin Blue Moon, Carly Douglas, Plishda, Lauren Brooker, Barnfield Indian Sky, Emma Irwin, Caternacole Boy, Carly Douglas, Armpit, Eve Fitzsimons, Godam Daginn Vik, Ella Morrison, indie, Carly Douglas, Marg, Ciara Collins, King, Carly Douglas, Mondella.

90cms: Ashleigh Carlisle, Eve, Abby Cummiskey, CSC Apache Dove, Nicky Nesbitt, Carrickview Saratoga, Katie Robinson, lily, Evan Hobson, Promise Me, Johnny Mulligan, Dior, Carly Douglas, Maggie May, Shane McKeever, KHS Impact, Rhonda Hall, Nigel, Aislin Captain, CSC Apache Feather, Carly Douglasd, Grace, Carly Douglas, Abbie.

1m: Louise Nicholson, Jake, Meabh McIlduff, Dalsown Done & Dusted, Neil Morrison, Diane, Tori Jewiss, Charlie, Anna Roscoe, Dakota, Johnny Mulligan, Jodi, Lucy Hanna, Brian, Neil Morrison, Jake, Denis Currie, Arodstown Aramis, Carly Douglas, Reggie, Caoimhe Crozier, Kildromin Banjo, Justine Harding, Ruby, Sarah Gilkinson, Lush Upgrade, Lucy Hanna, Nelly, Nicky Nesbitt, Ringfort India, Robyn McFadden, Zephyr, Victoria Brown, Dunrath Reward, Eve Fitzsimons, One Fine Day, Emily Corbett, Prada, Hannah Burns, TJ, Katie Parker, May, Neil Morrison, Raz, Johnny Mulligan, Oscar, Johnny Mulligan, Cruz, Gemma Goodrich, Lisnamuck What A Cracker, Lynsey Napier Sneddon, Carsonstown Porsch, Terry Smith, Frankie, Olivia Johns, Lagan’s Peter.