Dressage league in full swing at Knockagh

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The fourth week of Knockagh View’s winter dressage league took place last Sunday. Knockagh View would like to thank judges Erin Faloona and Stephen Murphy.

The next week of the dressage league takes place on Sunday 12th February with classes for everyone from Intro to elementary. To enter text Ruth on 07732 809 188.


Class 1 - Intro B

1st, Katie Wray, Bugs Bunny;

2nd, Ian Gault, Bit of an Imp;

3rd, Mandy Haveron, Ashhill Smothie;

4th, Celia Rhodes, Barney;

5th, Paddy McCanny, Dealer;

6th, Claudia Marshall, Woody.

Class 2 - Prelim 2

1st, Nichola Wray, Lady Grey VI;

2nd, Jackie Hanna, Truly;

3rd, Helen Meldrum, Bally Captain;

4th, Ian Gault, Bit of an Imp;

5th, Jackie Hanna, Chestnuthill;

6th, Judith Watt, Ellie Mae.

Class 3 - Prelim 13

1st, Louise Spence, Maverick;

2nd, Nichola Wray, Lady Grey VI;

3rd, Helen Meldrum, Bally Captain;

4th, Clare McFarland, Scooby;

5th, Christine Newton, Jimmy;

6th, Joanne Craig, Jay.

Class 4 - Novice 30

1st, Linda McIlwaine, Beechmount Baxter;

2nd, Louise Spence, Maverick;

3rd, Jill Hobson, Ludovik;

4th, Barbara Hannah, Rock Babylon;

5th, Christine Newton, Rebel;

6th, Nuala McNally, Song of Charm.

Class 5 - Elementary 49

1st, Jill Hobson, Ludovik;

2nd, Linda McIlwaine, Beechmount Baxter.