Dressage starts new year at Knockagh

Erin Johnston and Fitz strutting their stuff in Prelim 18
Erin Johnston and Fitz strutting their stuff in Prelim 18

Knockagh View held their first dressage day of the new year on Sunday.

Organisers would like to thank judge David Patterson and scribes Gillian McCann and Jen McIlrath.

The next Dressage day is on Sunday, 10th February. For full details of tests visit the website www.knockaghviewec.com


Class 1 - Intro A: 1st Jacqui Lewis, Dunore fast & furious; 2nd Amy Clarke, Alf Tupper; 3rd Megan Ingram, Lady; 4th Jill Peden, Edizona

Class 2 - Prelim 7: 1st Jacqui Lewis, Dunore fast & furious; 2nd Karen Johnston, Perish the pack; 3rd Judith Hughes, Chiana; 4th Patricia Martin, Belle; 5th Emma McCahon, Oscar

Class 3 - Prelim 18: 1st Anita Doherty, Connor; 2nd Louise Beggs, Sunny Cruise; 3rd Debbie Burns, Bella; 4th Jackie Hanna, Truly; 5th Erin Johnston, Fitz; 6th Aoife Dunlop, Baloo Hollow

Class 4 - Novice 34: 1st Christine Newton, Rebel; 2nd Julia Fielden, Cadbury; 3rd Anita Doherty, Connor; 4th Jackie Hanna, Truly; 5th Gillian McCann, Amazon

Class 5 - Elementary 50: 1st Joanne McSeveney, Donna Emilia; 2nd Lucy Webb, Donald; 3rd Erin Burns, Spud; 4th Julia Fielden, Cadbury

Festive Showjumping

Knockagh View equestrian centre held a Christmas Showjumping day with lots of ponies and riders looking festive with tinsel and Christmas jumpers.

The next showjumping day is on Sunday, January 20, starting at 11am with 30cms to 1m.


30cms: Prize winner - Isla McKinty, Sandy Fluff

Laura Monan, Annie; Poppy Brannon, Heidi; Amelia Logan, Bart; Jack Bell, Paddy; Lilly Brown, Babe

40cms: Prize winner - Lucy Irvine, Georgie

Laura Monan, Annie; Isla McKinty, Sandy Fluff

50cms: Prize winner - Katelyn Armstrong, Titch

60cms - no spreads - prize winner - Katelyn Armstrong, Titch

Noelene Tate, Pharoah; Hannah Robinson, Poppy; Paige Stewart, Max; Lesley Wilson, Twinkletoes

60cms: 1st Ben Foster, Maisie; 2nd Hannah Robinson, Poppy; 3rd Noelene Tate, Pharoah; 4th Mathew Wilcock, Lucky; 5th Grace Reid, Misty

70cms: 1st Kristie Wilson, Twinkletoes; 2nd Rachel Foster, Blake; 3rd Carol Ann Barclay, Bobby; 4th Katie Flanagan, Benji; 5th Louise Spence, Maverick; 6th Grace Reid, Misty

80cms: 1st Kristie Wilson, Twinkletoes; 2nd Rebekah McBride, Star; 3rd Ellen Jayne Hill, Romeo; 4th Thomas Patton, Pepper; 5th Sam Jackson, Ike; 6th Megan Carville, Joni

90cm: 1st Braidie Hogg, Sam; 2nd Sam Jackson, Ike; 3rd Rebekah McBride, Star; 4th Rocco Cairns, King; 5th Ben Maybin, Maggie; 6th Thomas Patton, Millie

1m: 1st Bradie Hogg, Tyson; 2nd Rocco Cairns, King; 3rd Ellie Nesbitt, Phoebe; 4th Ben Maybin, Maggie.