Dressage top of New Year’s Resolutions at Laurel View

Kali and Joanne Jarden conquer November classes 4 and 5. Pictures: Equi-Tog
Kali and Joanne Jarden conquer November classes 4 and 5. Pictures: Equi-Tog

Flatwork and dressage improvements must be on the list of many at Laurel View, writes Linda Davis.

As 2017 ended with a full day of lessons with Yvette Truesdale and later today (10th January) marks the start of a four week Flatwork Clinic with Natasha Wylie, which is fully booked with riders.

Riders can test their skills at the next leg of the Laurel View Winter League on the 14th January. First to tick off one of my New Year’s Resolutions, type up and release the results from the first two competitions in the Laurel View League.

As ever organisers are indebted to the long list of judges who lend their time and expertise in the Laurel View arenas. On these occasions they were Judith Aitken, Lynsey Craig, Ivor Harper, Geraldine Lowry, Martina McKinley and Angelene Nicholson.

In October red ribbons were earned by Katie Lowry and Miss Cellaneous; Holly Wray and Springhill Summer; Jill Hobson and The Alchemist; Emma McLean and Josh; Lucinda Blakiston Houston and Beltrim Double G; Emma Andrews and Elfe. November accolades to Courtney Sloan and Rosevale Songbird; Lucy Webb and Donald; Joanne Jarden and Kali; Linda McIlwaine and Beechmount Baxter.

Particular congratulations to Linda McIlwaine on winning the Open Class at November’s leg of the league, as this class was sponsored by MC International Events Planning to mark the first MCI Equibridge collaboration which took place earlier that week at Laurel View. Linda won three sessions of psychoanalysis applied to sport to improve the performance (this package is worth £180)

Dengie Dressage Qualifiers are running at the Laurel View Winter Dressage League in January and February, entries by noon on Thursday 11th January for the January competition.

It would be great to see a good number of Pony Club riders coming to earn their qualification for the Dengie Dressage Final in March.

Visit www.laurelview.co.uk and check out the full list of classes for the next Laurel View dressage competition, entries gratefully received whichever way they come right up to noon on the Thursday preceding the competition.

Any queries just give us a ring on 028 9083 0649.


Winter Dressage League (1 of 6)

Class 1 - BD Intro A - Judge Lynsey Craig: 1st Miss Cellaneous, Katie Lowry, 73.91; 2nd Comanche Arrow, Aislin Captain, 73.04; 3rd Rozel Iceman of Mullentine, Grace McSorley, 69.13; 4th Lord Ludos White Diamond, Diane O’Donovan, 68.70; 5th Diamond Obelix, Samuel Workman, 68.48; 6th That’s My Guy, Sharon McClurg, 66.30.

Class 2 - Prelim 1 - Judge Martina McKinley: 1st Springhill Summer, Holly Wray, 81.84; 2nd The Alchemist, Jill Hobson, 78.16; 3rd Mithril Lace, Lucy Toombs, 71.32; 4th Don Romeo, Holly Wray, 70.79; 5th Harvey, Natalie Kelly, 69.74; 6th Bob, Emma Davison, 68.16.

Class 3 - Prelim 2 - Judge Martina McKinley: 1st The Alchemist, Jill Hobson, 73.45; 2nd Harvey, Natalie Kelly, 69.83; 3rd Braelin, Kayley Carruthers, 69.66; 4th Bob, Emma Davison, 69.14; 5th Susie, Sarah Pannasch, 68.62; 6th Queenie, Gillian Orr, 68.28.

Class 4 - Prelim 13 - Judge Ivor Harper: 1st Josh, Emma McLean, 65.96; 2nd Billy, Colin Halliday, 65.19; 3rd Indi, Penny Murphy, 65.00; 4th Boycie, Jayne Woodward, 63.65; 5th Queenie, Gillian Orr, 63.27; 6th Quality Galore, Michelle Strange, 62.88.

Class 5 - Novice 28 - Judge Ivor Harper: 1st Beltrim Double G, Lucinda Blakiston Houston, 71.04; 2nd Milo, Leah Knight, 70.00; 3rd Bella, Penny Murphy, 69.38; 4th Mithril Lace, Lucy Toombs, 68.75; 5th Roger, Erin Faloona, 66.67; 6th Cara, Leah Knight, 66.46.

Class 6 - Open - Judge Ivor Harper: 1st Elfe (Elem), Emma Andrews, 68.23; 2nd Derryvane Danny (Elem), Helen Faulkner, 68.23; 3rd Bella (Nov), Penny Murphy, 67.41; 4th Roger (Nov), Erin Faloona, 66.55; 5th Elfe (Nov), Emma Andrews, 66.38; 6th Beltrim Double G (Nov), Lucinda Blakiston Houston, 66.03.

Winter Dressage League (2 of 6)

Class 1 - BD Intro B - Judge Judith Aitken: 1st Rosevale Songbird, Courtney Sloan, 68.70; 2nd Beechmount Harvey, Rachel Alexander, 65.65; 3rd Commanche Arrow, Aislin Captain, 63.04; 4th Beechmount Jupiter, Leanne Adams, 62.17; 5th Rab, Helen Gage, 61.30; 6th Beechmount Dawny, Lauren Alexander, 60.43.

Class 2 - Prelim 2 - Judge Ivor Harper: 1st Donald, Lucy Webb, 70.52; 2nd The Alchemist, Jill Hobson, 69.14; 3rd OOS Tiernan, Jennifer McCall, 68.28; 4th Apache Feather, Connie Hannaway, 67.41; 5th Armelina, Sarah Saied, 66.38; 6th Sweet Molly, Ruby Zellmann, 66.21.

Class 3 - Prelim 7 - Judge Ivor Harper: 1st Donald, Lucy Webb, 71.14; 2nd Indi , Penny Murphy, 69.09; 3rd Grace, Sarah Fulton, 67.05; 4th Trooper, Emma Wallace, 67.05; 5th The Alchemist, Jill Hobson, 66.59; 6th Apollo, Rebecca Geddis, 66.14.

Class 4 - Prelim 15 - Judge Geraldine Lowry: 1st Kali, Joanne Jarden, 85.80; 2nd Bella, Laura King, 78.40; 3rd Indi , Penny Murphy, 77.80; 4th Apollo, Rebecca Geddis, 70.40; 5th Queenie, Gillian Orr, 69.80; 6th OOS Tiernan, Jennifer McCall, 69.60.

Class 5 - Novice 23 - Judge Angelene Nicholson: 1st Kali, Joanne Jarden, 73.75; 2nd Roger, Erin Faloona, 71.04; 3rd Bella, Laura King, 68.33; 4th Caracas, Erin Burns, 66.25; 5th Cadbury, Julia Fielden, 65.00; 6th Ariel, Amy Griffith, 64.79.

Class 6 - Open - Judge Angelene Nicholson: 1st Beechmount Baxter (Elem), Linda McIlwaine, 69.66; 2nd Jake (Nov), Joanne Jarden, 68.93; 3rd Roger (Nov), Erin Faloona, 66.61; 4th Happy Feet (Para Gr V 2017 Champ), Lucinda Blakiston Houston, 65.24; 5th Maverick (Nov), Louise Spence, 65.18; 6th Jake (Elem), Joanne Jarden, 65.17.