Dromore Spices take open team win for a second time running

Saturday, October 19, 2019, marked the halfway stage of the very successful TRI sponsored Inter Schools’ League at the Meadows with the usual huge turn out across all classes.

Thursday, 31st October 2019, 9:00 am
Zara Sharvin riding Ruby from Down High School, winners of the Premier Individual

With the end of British Summer Time just around the corner organisers brought the start time forward to make the best of the available daylight hours.

This worked exceptionally well albeit that some of the chefs d’equipe had an extremely busy day.

In the Primary Individual 50cms class Jennifer Thursfield made her mark by finishing on a lovely double clear, closest to the optimum time, with her fabulous pony, ‘Scarlett’s Harry’.

Charlie Love riding Rookie Diamond from Castlederg High school, winners of the Open Individual

In the 60cms Primary Individual, Abi Gardener came very close to the optimum time, to take home all the goodies on offer from the fantastic sponsors, very closely followed by Armstrong Primary School pupil, Eva McConnell and Smartie.

Five Primary teams battled it out for supremacy with the ‘Random Rebels’ eventually keeping their winning streak with their second win of the season from runners up, ‘Iveagh Little Mix’.

The 70cms Individual class is turning into a great battle at the top with Julia Mulligan and ‘Bronheulog Ruby’ taking the win on this occasion and Tilley Tumilty taking the runner up spot with ‘Bambi’.

Meantime Arena 1 started again with the heavily subscribed Novice Team competition with over 20 teams vying for those all-important points. Rathfriland High School Gold Team set a very high standard and their superb performance proved difficult to beat.

Open Team winners the Dromore Spices, (Emily Walker, Zara Smyth, Catherine McClelland and Rebecca McKinstry)

In the very large Novice Individual class which took place in Arena 2, following on from their win in the 70cm Individual, Julia Mulligan put in another fabulous performance to win the class.

Giving good chase was Emma Lutton, taking the runner up spot with ‘Dooneens Be My Baby’.

There seems to be no stopping Dromore High School’s ‘Dromore Spices’ in the Open class as they had a runaway victory, their 2nd win in succession.

Three other teams also finished on a zero score with the runner up spot taken by Our Lady’s Grammar School.

Jennifer Thursfield riding Scarlett's Harry from Stranmillis Primary, winners of the 50cm Individual

Charley Love and Rookie Diamond brought honour to Castlederg High School with a super win in the Open Individual competition just ahead of Regent House’s James Murphy and Rock Rebel.

The 1.10m Premier Individual class saw the win go to Zara Sharvin with Ruby who snatched victory from Rory Kinnear and Regardless who also took second place.

The tack and turn out inspectors this week were certainly kept busy between the two arenas.

Well done to all combinations who passed their scrutiny and won prizes very kindly sponsored by Lisburn Bowl.

As always, Judy Maxwell was on hand throughout the day to present many of the prizes as well as providing valuable product.



1, Jennifer Thursfield,  Scarlett’s Harry ( Stranmillis Primary); 2, Ella Calvert, Amesbury Party Boy (Bronte Primary); 3, Ted Geary, Susie (Downshire Primary); 4, Isaac McCarthy- Blaney’s Boy (-); 5,Ellie Murphy, Coolney Breeze (Meadow Bridge PS); 6, Zara McConnell, Rialsa Riverdance (Friends Prep)


1, Abi Gardner,  Buster (Holywood Primary School); 2, Eva McConnell, Smartie (Armstrong Primary School); 3, Tilley Tumilty- Bambi (Bridge Primary School);4, Serena Brown- Rathdrum Boy (Ballydown Primary School); 5, Cayleigh Erwin - Henry (Loanends Primary School) and 6, Lily Murphy - Toby (Meadow Bride PS)

Novice Team winners from Rathfriland High School (Sarah Craig, Rosie Herron and Taylor McKnight)


-1, Random Rebels: Alfie Walker (Kenny), Kitty Cullen (G Maha), Lucas Bradley (Flynn), Charlotte Betts (Percy); 2, Iveagh Little Mixed: Lily Murphy (Coolaney Breeze), Jack Cowan (Honey Bee), Tilley Tumilty (L J Sparky), Kitty Cullen (Newtown Black Guy); 3, The Jumping Joeys: Sarah Gilchrist (Molly), Mya McMullan (Kilmood Lily), Ellen MacNabb (Buddytwoshoes), Oliver Kinnear  (Millcroft Gilgamesh); 4, Team Thompson: Amelia Bannon (Judy), Annie Morrow (Harry), Sophia Bingham (All being Well), Jack Morrow (Rocket Lady); 5, Ballydown Primary School: Alana Eadie- (Knocklishen Willow), Lexie Kerr (Pepsi Max), Sofia Madeley (Alfie) and Jocelyn Hutchinson (Minion)


1, Julia Mulligan, Bronheulog Ruby (Enniskillen PS); 2, Tilley Tumilty, Bambi (Bridge Primary School); 3, Tilley Tumilty, L J Sparky (Bridge Primary School); 4, Alfie Walker, Lenny (Orchard County PS); 5, Oliver Kinnear, Harvey  (Anahilt PS); 6, Keeva McElhennon, Heather Molly (Stewartstown Primary School)


1 Rathfriland High School: Taylor McKnight (Asterix), Rosey Herron (Solitaire Rusty Brown), Sarah Craig (Jasper), Taylor McKnight (Delta Dawn); 2, Larne Grammar Coey: Sam Jackson (Ike), Thomas Patton (Tell Me a Fable), Mya McCullough (Beechill Sue), Sam Jackson (Woodchip); 3, Banbridge Academy Waddell: Lara Jameson (Curious George), Amber Bradley (Flynn Rider), Emma Irwin (Cahernacole Boy), Alistair Sands (Hillside Alfie); 4, Carrickfergus Grammar School: Katelyn Irvine (Duach Shadow), Ben Foster (Bannfield Boy), Erin Johnston (Fitz), Katelyn Irvine (CFS Apache Dove); 5, Wallace High: Caoimhe Crozier (Hope); Ceoladh Crozier (Blaze), Ailis Thompson (Ruby), Ben/Sarah Moore (Makers); 6, Assumption Grammar: Anna Morrow (Rustums Jubilee), Riona Savage (Willis), Kelsie Dean (Fannad Fool) and Amelia Beyssat (Scarlett’s Multipla)


1, Julia Mulligan, Bronheulog Ruby (Enniskillen PS); 2, Emma Lutton, Dooneens Be My Baby; 3=, Jo Henry - McCool, Betty (Ballymena Academy); 3=, Ruby Kinkaid, Lismahon Houdini  (St Malachy’s HS, Castlewellan); 5, Taylor McKnight, Sparkling Delta Dawn (Rathfriland High School); 6, Kym Moore, Gypsy (Cookstown High School)


1, Dromore Spices: Emily Walker (Cavalier La Tango), Rebekah McKinstry (Richhill Lass), Zara Smyth (Tillys Comet), Catherine McClelland (Toribrae TRI Star); 2 Our Lady’s Grammar: Meabh McElduff  (Dalsown Done and Dusted), Niamh Morgan (Millbar Phynix), Anna O’Lorcain (Tynan Dominic Blue), Jessica Mulgrew - Knockgarron Emperor; 3, Methodist College: Niamh Fitzpatrick (Blackhill Border Fox), Niamh Fitzpatrick (Murphy GCS), Tara Dixon (Molly), Amy Weir (Nomination); 4, Belfast Royal Academy: Olivia Quinn (Amiro Hemmingway), Tori Jewiss (Mojo), Erin McCrea (Knockagarron Fear Bui Phoenix), Olivia Quinn (Knockagarron Fear Bui Falcon); 5, Down High Flyers: Alice Emmett (Sky Double J), Jessica Nelson (Tai), Abby Cumminskey (Hollie), Zara Sharvin (Ruby); 6, Wallace High School: Sarah Moore (Harvey), Kerry Magill  (Bonmahon Quickstep), Connie Crothers (Rocky) and Sarah/Ben Moore (Nomination)


1, Charley Love, Rookie Diamond (Castlederg High School); 2, James Murphy, Rock Rebel (Regent House); 3, Rory Osborne, Bela Bambino (St Patrick’s, Armagh), 4, Cara McNabb, Bonecastle Lass  (Down High School); 5, Tyler Houston, Mula (Larne Grammar School); 6, Tori Surgeoner, Spendi Spy (-)


1, Zara Sharvin, Ruby (Down High School); 2, Rory Kinnear, Regardless (Fort Hill College); 3, Meabh McIlduff, Dalsown Done and Dusted (Our Lady’s Grammar); 4, Tara Dixon, Molly (Methodist College, Belfast); 5, Bethany Cardwell, Carmenflag (Dromore High School); 6, Bethany Smith, Alistragh Beauty (Dungannon Royal).