Dude’s a winner at Strule Valley Christmas Show

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Strule Valley Riding Club held their annual Christmas show at Ecclesville, Fintona.

The open classes proved exciting with Enda Friel and Bob winning the 90cm open and Darren Preston and Jet 2 winning the 1 metre open.

For the first time, the club decided to have a puissance class which proved both exciting and nail-biting for the spectators.

Dude, living up to his name, with Miranda Doherty from Ballyskeagh Stables jumped clear over five rounds clearing a final height of 1’35 to win the class. Enda Friel and Bob were close behind in second place while the top pony partnership was Rachel Tuohey and Ballyskeagh Rocket clearing 1’15. All in all a very good night for the Ballyskeagh Stables!.

The club would like to thank those who came along to compete and also to those who came along in fancy dress.

A spokesperson for the club said: “Thanks to Michelle McElhatton for sponsoring the trophies, Peter McBride from Spar and Andrew Short from AJS Promotions for very kindly sponsoring the sweets.

“Thanks to Raymond Caldwell for building his usual encouraging and flowing courses assisted by Alan Gilchrist, Chris Bogle judging, Emma King entries, Michelle McElhatton and Alison Donnell call up, AJ’s Event Catering, Pearl Donnell and Heather Beattie and to anyone else who helped in any way.”


40cm pony only class – no entries.

60cm double clears: Chantelle’s Hope and Azeika Gibb

70cm double clears: Chantelle’s Hope and Azeika Gibb, Jake and Lathanaid Doherty, Cloudy and Jenna McConnell, Anvil Sure Can and Stacey Sproule.

80cm double clears: Oreo and Darren Preston, Frosty and Ellie Trowbridge, Dawn and Gillian Kearney

90cm open: 1st – Bob and Enda Friel; 2nd – Magic and Chloe O’Neill; 3rd – Ballyskeagh Rocket and Rachel Tuohey; 4th – Katie and Brooklyn Edwards; 5th - Dawn and Gillian Kearney; 6th – Morgan and Nicola McDermott

1 metre open: 1st – Jet 2 and Darren Preston; 2nd – Ballyskeagh Rocket and Rachel Tuohey; 3rd – Dude and Miranda Doherty; 4th – Warren Bank and Kyra Gilmore; 5th – Lizzy and Lyle Williamson; 6th – Bob and Enda Friel


Horses: 1st – Dude and Miranda Doherty; 2nd – Bob and Enda Friel; 3rd – Warren Bank and Kyra Gilmore; 4th – Jet 2 and Darren Preston

Ponies: 1st – Ballyskeagh Rocket and Rachel Tuohey

The club would like to wish all their members, families, friends and supporters a very happy Christmas and a happy, healthy and peaceful new year.

Starting in the new year, a Parelli demonstration has been planned with Sarah Langham on Wednesday 13th January at the RDA, Omagh commencing at 7.30 pm. This event is open to everyone, members and non-members.

On Sunday 21st February a working hunter show has been organised at Ecclesville, Fintona to include Northern Ireland Festival Qualifiers.

There will be classes for both ponies and horses and again this is open to members and non-members.