Ecclesville’s Showjumping League proves popular

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Increased numbers were welcomed to Ecclesville’s latest Showjumping League on Friday evening and the challenge of the cottage fence was taken on by the 90cm, 1m and 1.10 competitors and it caused little or no problems for them.

This Showjumping League will continue for the next three Friday evenings, commencing at 6.15pm with a 40cms class, followed by 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 1m and 1.10m.

Results from 13 February:

40cm Class (Double Clears): Caitlin Kelly and Zack; Chloe Mitchell and Coco; Helena Kearns and Dusky Lady; Lucy McCann and Star; Covla Donnelly and Phoebe; Zara Jane Kelly and Bubbles; Ellie Mae Johnston and Cindy; Zara Jane Kelly and Zack; Niamh Donnelly and Maisie; Grace Hamil and Sweetie.

60cm Class (Double Clears): Grace Hamil and Cindy; Lucy McCann and Star; Shevonne Nagel and Maisie; Zara Jane Kelly and Bubbles; Paris Douglas and Lady Coco; Aron Healey and Nemo; Nadia Donnelly and Bell; Helen Kelly and Stardust; Demi Lee McKenna and Fiana; Zara Jane Kelly and Zack.

70cms (Double Clears): Jeni Lyons and Ginger Snap; Donnika Campbell and Ria; Shevonne Nagel and Maisie; Jodie Lyons and Camowen Bullet; Joseph Owens and Annie; Paris Douglas and Lady Coco; Chloe McGuigan and Silver Arrow; Louise Wylie and Highway; Helen Kelly and Stardust; Gillian Hynes and Faith; Chloe McGuigan and Cashel Sue.

80cms (Double Clears): Clara Daly and Boomerang Barney; Caoimhe Hegarty and Buster; Nora McCullagh and Fudge; Chloe McGuigan and Cashel Sue; Hollye Walker and Just Dandy; Roisin Donnelly and Cobra; Eileen Tunney and Dolly; Roisin Donnelly and Chief; Joseph Owens and Annie; Rebecca Jones and Sambo.

90cms (Double Clears): Clara Daly and Ollie; Nora McCullagh and Fudge; Roisin Donnelly and Bracken Dancer; Katie Clarke and Jolene; Caoimhe Hegarty and Shambo; Roisin Donnelly and Faith; Katie Clarke and Blue; Hollye Walker and Just Dandy; Rebecca Jones and Sambo; Eileen Tunney and Dolly.

1m (Double Clears): Katie Clarke and Blue; Kerry Taggart and Jim; Katie Clarke and Jolene; Clara Daly and Minstrel; Conal Kelly and Maverick; Clara Daly and Ollie; Rachel Tuohey and Prince; Roisin Donnelly and Bracken Dancer

1.10 (Double Clear): Roisin Donnelly and Venus

Competitors are reminded that the same combination rider/pony must compete in the same class for four out of five weeks to be eligible for prizes on 6 March. If you require any further information on the League please contact Sandra on 07990 541 966 or Ecclesville Centre on 028 8284 0591.