Ella dominates the latest round of Flexi Eventing

Johnny Mulligan riding Mando, clear in the 1.10m
Johnny Mulligan riding Mando, clear in the 1.10m

There were a significant number of new combinations for the third leg of the Baileys Horse Feeds Flexi Eventing at the Meadows on Saturday.

Thankfully, the weather remained kind, although slightly chilly but, once again, the numbers were at an all time high with almost 400 partnerships in action across the three disciplines.

Amandah O'Connor riding Glenmore Miss Mirah, 4th in the Intro A Dressage

Amandah O'Connor riding Glenmore Miss Mirah, 4th in the Intro A Dressage

Organisers were delighted to welcome a visiting Judge from England, Jeremy Spring, to study the performances of the Novice and Intermediate classes where the top placings were dominated by Ella Boyle, who has just relocated her fleet of horses to Annahilt.

She gained top marks in the Novice section with WKD Cooley, an eight year old grey mare by Contador who has just made the transition from Showjumping to Eventing. Ella stole a march on her second horse in the class and the only gelding in her armoury, the seven year old Grafenstolz Distinction who joined her team this year, having previously been campaigned by Noah Brook. Lucca Stubington held onto her third placing from last week on Quingenti.

Meantime, in the Intermediate section it was the seasoned combination of Alex Houston and Skyfall Echo who took the Judge’s eye for a top placing, hotly pursued by Ella Boyle with Candy 737 and last week’s winner, Helen Faulkner on Derryvane Danny.

The Pre Novice class, judged by Jacky Reid saw thirty eight partnerships battle it out for supremacy with the ultimate winner being a delighted Hilary Redmond on Ludo. The runner up spot this week was occupied by Johnny Mulligan with Mando, followed by Adam Haugh in third and fourth positions.

This season’s league so far has seen the preponderance of entries at the Intro level where, again, this week it required a split of class.

David Patterson had no doubt about his winner in the ‘A’ section, awarding the red rosette to Florence Campbell with Ben who moved up three spaces from last week.

A very consistent new partnership of Gemma Chambers and Diamond Mountain were runners up for the second successive week, with another young rider showing amazing consistency, Abby Cummisky and Dusty, taking third spot.

The ‘B’ section was judged by Martina McKinley, who awarded her best marks to Ruth Lyttle riding Oberon who finished exactly one point clear of newcomer, Jenny Nixon on Harley and one and a half points clear of last week’s winner, Emma Lappin and Bat out of Hell.

It is extremely rewarding for the organisers of this very popular League to hear superlatives being used to describe the quality, turn out and talent of so many of these horses and riders which augurs extremely well for the season ahead.

The cross country course this week was significantly busier than last week and, once again, great care and patience are taken to ensure that the courses are all very different week on week.

Showjumping kept the judges on their toes with a great turn out in all classes but everything ran very smoothly, eliciting praise from all attendees.

Huge thanks go to all the judges, scribes, call up stewards, arena personnel, secretarial staff, scorers for all their help in ensuring that all three arenas ran like clockwork.

Finally, thanks go to Judy Maxwell of @Baileyshorsefeeds for her continuing support and sponsorship of this league which is open to absolutely everyone.

As the name suggests, riders can choose to do any or all of the three disciplines. Showjumping and cross country entries are taken on the day but dressage must be pre entered with Dora on 07876758979 or dorabeacom@live.co.uk by 6pm each Wednesday.

Full Results


Arena 1 – Intro ‘A’ – Test BE95 (2012) – Judge David Patterson: 1. Florence Campbell, Ben; 2. Gemma Chambers, Diamond Mountain; 3. Abby Cummiskey, Dusty; 4= Amandah O’Connor, Glenmore Miss Mirah and Elaine Douglas, Johnny; 6. Rachelle Harding, Finn.

Arena 1 – Intro ‘B’ – Test BE95 (2012) – Judge Martina McKinley: 1. Ruth Lyttle, Oberon; 2. Jenny Nixon, Harley; 3. Emma Lappin, Bat Out of Hell; 4. Justine Harding, Bonmahon Quickstep; 5. Christina Turley, Wee Bob; 6. Jon Champion, Orbie

Arena 2 – Pre Novice – Test BE106 (2012) – Judge Jacky Reid: 1. Hilary Redmond, Ludo; 2. Johnny Mulligan, Mando; 3. Adam Haugh, Varande; 4. Adam Haugh, Van The Man; 5. Jill Hobson, Harriet; 6= Justine Harding, Charissma and Colin Halliday, Harry.

Arena 3 – Novice – Test BE112 (2010)- Judge: Jeremy Spring: 1. Ella Boyle, WKD Cooley; 2. Ella Boyle, Grafenstolz Distinction; 3. Lucca Stubington, Quingenti; 4. Justine Harding, Charissma; 5. Denis Currie, Arodstown Aramis; 6. Leah Jackson, Gemilly.

Arena 3 – Intermediate – Test BE117 (2009)- Judge Jeremy Spring: 1. Alex Houston, Echo; 2. Ella Boyle, Candy 737; 3. Helen Faulkner, Derryvane Danny; 4. Ruth Robinson, Bumble Bee Orchid; 5. Lucca Stubington, Oliver’s Green; 6. Claire Sedgeman, Archie.

Showjumping – Double Clears

70cms: 1= Katie Scott, Mystery Girl, Maurice Bingham, Fanta, Lauren Kelly, Prince.

80cms: 1= Poppy Hepburn, Drennan Hill Ben, Maurice Bingham, Fanta, David O’Connor, Dobbie, Helen Faulkner, Derryvane Danny, Rachel McCauley, Ellie, Orla Sheenan, Scottie, Claire Schaefer, Blackie, Katie Haire, Galway Girl.

90cms: 1= Megan Carson, Dunadeal, Rachel Lindsay, Drombane Dancer, Janie Cairns, Kerry, Maeve Clarke, Alloy, Alex Lappin, Lady, Ella McAllister, Susie, Colin Halliday, Rockfall,, Hilary Redmond, Ludo, Ciara Heron, Phoebe, Colin Halliday, Queenie.

1m: 1= Adam Haugh, Ballybolger Lion Man, Sasha Milne, Madame, Rose de Montmorency, Ozzy, Laura Ervine, Kara, Louise Houston, Drummiler Heyday, Janie Cairns, Woody, Michael Roche, Rosie, Gemma Chambers, Diamond Mountain, Ellen Douglas, Rock Melody, Rose de Montmorency, Johnny, Colin Halliday, Ferro, Nuala McNally, Song of Charm, David O’Connor, Jackie, Colin Halliday, Rocko, Vicky Potter, Lilly, Gary Porter, Dree Hill Charlie, Julia Fielden, Cadbury, Patrick Mcwilliams, Filiana, David O’Connor, seana, Conor Savage, Blue, Emily Corbett, Dreams, Ryan Hunter, Jenn, Sharon Jewhurst, Stella, Denis Currie, Arodstown Aramis, Lauren Gabbie, Catalina, Jo Evans, My Festy Dancer, Megan Nelson, Balnashallog Goldfinch, Abi Carlisle, Monkey, Ruari Clarke, Roger.

1.10m: 1= Rose de Montmorency, Toes, Johnny Mulligan, Mando, Johnny Mulligan, Chance, Orlagh Kelly, Elsarco, Denis Currie, Arodstown Aramis, Daniel Brown, Fleur de Lis, Rebecca McGoldrick, Cleo, Emily Corbett, Rocky, Justine Harding, Carrickview Saratoga, Cheryl Stevenson, Rebel, Jessica Nelson, Murphy.

1.20m: 1= Ryan O’Neill, Tyson, frank Curran, Sassy, Frank Curran, Bubba, Claire Schaefer, Big Adventure, Ruth Robinson, Bumble Bee Orchid, Victoria Clarke, Red Curacao.

Cross Country (clear round)

80cms: 1=Sharon Maughan, Bluestone Promise, Megan Carson, Dunadeal, Leah Knight, Ace, Leah Knight, Suzie W, Lucy Toombs, Suzie W, Lucy Toombs, Milo, Helen Faulkner, Derryvane Danny, Michael Irwin, Coco, Rachel Moore, Danny, Gemma Goodrich, Nancy, Lisa Neville, Klear nough, Kathryn Henderson, Betty, Jo Evans, My Festy Dancer, Orla Sheehan, Scottie, Ella Morrison, Indie.

90cms: 1= Georgia Kirkwood, Tia Maria, Sharon Jewhurst, Stella, Sophie Bennett, Colour Code Chinook, Anna White, Beezies Minty, Rachel Lindsay, Drombane Dancer, Jenny Nixon, Harley, Victoria Clarke, Embacadero, Megan Nelson, Diamond, Lauren Gabbie, Captain, Abby Cummiskey, Dusty, Neil Morrison, Jerry, Emma Wallace, Millie, Gemma Chambers, Diamond Mountain, Claire Smyth, Tilly, Alex Ogle, Minstrel Pathfinder, Jessica McConnell, Bella, Harry Haire, Hollow Smoke, Hannah Burns, TJ, Ruth Lyttle, Oberon.

1m: 1= Ellie Parkhill, Mac, Jessica McIntyre, Kiki, Tara Dixon, Hawaii, Abi Carlisle, Monkey, Ruth Robinson, Bumble Bee Orchid, Jessica Nelson, Murphy, Neil Morrison, Cheeky, Neil Morrison, Jake, Nikki Cullen, Tango Lad, Rachel Moore, Blossom, Beth Murray, Kit N Kaboodle, Emily Corbett, Palo.