Ellie and Two Tone Toni seal victory at Glenpatrick

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Competitors travelled from all over Ireland for the latest Northern Region Event held this week in the picturesque setting of Glenpatrick, courtesy of The Megahey family.

No effort was spared in the preparation of the three courses, designed and built by Adam Stevenson. All fences, which were impeccably dressed, were sponsored by local companies in support of the Johnjo Bright Fund - a cause very close to the hearts of the Megahey Family who are still celebrating the success of their horse, Seapatrick Cavalier Cruise, in The Puissance at Dublin Horse Show.

Steven Smith moved one step up from last week at Ballvannon when he won the O/CNC1* class with the home owned eight year old Grange Bouncer gelding, Anvil Lodge Pinnochio, who finished on his dressage score, over two points clear of Joseph Murphy on Alison Schmutz and Andrew Tinkler’s Bellscross Starlight.

Eighteen year old Katie Lyttle had plenty to celebrate after winning the very competitive CNC1* class onboard Patricia McAuley Stanage’s home bred mare, Dickson’s Dream, after showjumping penalties relegated the top two flatwork leaders further down the leader board. Katie finished on her first phase mark, just a whisker ahead of second placed Emma Jackson on Britt Megahey’s Hallabalou, a nine year old gelding by Balou du Rouet.

Adam Haugh, recently returned from his representational duties for Ireland at the Junior European Championships in Poland, rose to the fore in the Junior 1* class with his father’s Touchdown gelding,

Master Gold Touch in a class where he delivered the only clear showjumping round. Holly Wray occupied the next two spots with Lily Mae and Crafty Guy.

Co Kildare’s Hannah Langan enjoyed a back to back win with Tinka’s Gold in the Pony 2* class where the only competition was her other Pony, Rose Dawn, who, unfortunately suffered a run out at fence nine, the Trakhener.

Denis Currie was back in the winner’s enclosure in a field of ten in CNC1* Amateur class with his faithful companion Bering Strait, finishing almost three points clear of Florence Campbell and Anvil Diamond.

Meanwhile, Nicky Nesbitt sprung open the Prosecco in celebration of her latest win in the EI90 Amateur class with her Master Imp gelding, The Spy Master who led the class all the way with a two point margin over second placed Bianca McElnea and Rosso Tramonto.

The Pre Novice class had an impressive line up of over thirty starters and only two did not pass through the finish line. It was certainly a class of mixed fortunes with a constantly changing leaderboard. However, standing the test of time was Stacey Watling with Colm Doherty’s Zero Watt gelding, Magheradrummond Lad who moved up eight places from dressage to finish two points clear of Luke Drea and Ballylinan Black Beauty.

Arianne Finlay had a particularly good run in the EI 100J class with her mother’s Very Special Z where she was the only rider to finish on her dressage score. Abigail Carlisle slotted into second place with her new horse, Suirvalley Little Monkey, a combination looking impressive for the future.

There were just three starters in the EI100P class but that did not detract from the efforts of all. Taking the red rosette was Ava Banaghan from Co Kildare who was making her first appearance since Tyrella with Its Shoe Time. Lucy Johnston took the runner up spot with Kerry Magill slotting into third.

Ruth Logan from Knockaview continued her good form by securing another win with Home Alone City in a strong class of fifteen, finishing on her first phase score. Also, adding nothing to her flatwork mark was Lindsay Martin and Bartez, the Tyrella three winners who picked up the second placed rosette.

Emma Jackson was victorious in the EI 90 class with her own four year old gelding, Aaroch who finished just ahead of David O’Connor on board his own Tullymurry Greyjoy, a combination enjoying top placings on all of their recent outings.

The happiest girl leaving the venue on Saturday was undoubtedly twelve year old Ellie Parkhill, from Ballynahinch, who won the EI90P class on her delightful pony, Two Tone Toni, who finished on their dressage score just ahead of Sophie Ennis and Coill Dearmad William.

Northern Region would like to extend a huge thank you to the Megahey family for the use of their fabulous facilities. Thanks, too, to all the volunteers who, once again, answered the plea for help and facilitated another excellent event.

This week sees the entourage heading back up the North Coast to Maddybenny, courtesy of The White Family.

Full Results

O/CNC1*: 1. Steven Smith, Anvil Lodge Pinnochio 2. Joseph Murphy, Bellscross Starlight; 3. Antonia Ward, Versace Biscuit; 4. Joanne Jarden, MJI Belle Bonita; 5. Sharon Riddell, Ringfort India

CNC1*: 1. Katie Lyttle, Dicksons Dream; 2. Emma Jackson, Hallabalou; 3. Declan Cullen, Seavaghan Ash; 4. Trevor Smith, Baby Roller; 5. Andrew Greer, Galdanagh; 6. Steven Smith, Dream Master

CNCJ1*: 1. Adam Haugh, Master Gold Touch; 2. Holly Wray, Lily Mae; 3. Holly Wray, Crafty Guy; 4. Danielle Magner, Woodfield Boomerang; 5. Lauren Johnston, That’s My Guy

CNCP2*: 1. Hannah Langan, Tinka’s Gold; 2. Hannah Langan, Rose Down

CNC1* Amateur: 1. Denis Currie, Bering Strait; 2. Florence Campbell, Anvil Diamond; 3. Emily Morris, Florida Bud; 4. Florence Campbell, Imperial Master; 5. Joseph Evans, Red Ruby Rouge; 6. Ashleigh Rea, Amadeus

EI 100 Amateur: 1. Nicky Nesbitt, The Spy Master; 2. Bianca McElnea, Rosso Tramonto; 3. Alexandra Clarke, Red Curaçao; 4. David Henderson, Kerrob B; 5. Sarah Reid, Ballynolin Sirocco; 6. Katie Wray, Beechburn Lass

EI 100: 1. Stacey Watling, Magheradrummond Lad; 2. Luke Drea, Ballylinan Black Beauty; 3. Joseph Murphy, Cornascriebe Glenpatrick; 4. Sarah Ennis, Westwinds Mackenzie; 5. Casey Webb, Michel M; 6. Neil Morrison, Tipperary T

EI100J: 1. Arianne Finlay, Very Special Z; 2. Abigail Carlisle, Suirvalley Little Monkey; 3. Patrick Mackie, Narnia Highlites; 4. Danielle Magner, Clonshire Troika

EI100P: 1. Ava Banahan, It’s Shoe Time; 2. Lucy Johnston, Tynan Mist; 3. Kerry Magill, Lisnahall Miss Toffee

EI90 Amateur: 1. Ruth Logan, Home Alone City; 2. Lindsay Martin, Bartez; 3. Meadhbh Schaible, Miah’s Skylark; 4. Julia Fielden, Absoloodle; 5. Lynn Spence, Gortshalgan; 6. Victoria Mills, Acton Major

EI 90: 1. Emma Jackson, Aaroch; 2. David O’Connor, Tullymurry Grey Joy; 3. Gemma Goodrich, Miss Clover Rock; 4. Emma Lappin, Bat Out Of Hell; 5. Jim Newsam, Waterline; 6. Stacey Watling, PRF Divo Mail

EI90P: 1. Ellie Parkhill, Two Tone Toni; 2. Sophie Ennis, Coill Dearmad William; 3. Charlie Jewiss, Said And Dun; 4. Aimee Roscoe, JD Little Problem; 5. Gillian Grogan, Heaven Sent; 6. Sasha Bloch, Highburren Mist.